21 January 2011

A Not so Great Friday

Today was supposed to be a great day! We all slept in until 8am and then Tim decided we were going shooting, so we headed to Angie's and got some scones to go.

Yes, that is a big piece of fried dough with some delicious honey butter on the side. We proceeded to enjoy them on our way out to the shooting range at Newton Dam.

When we arrived, we had to put the Xterra in 4 wheel drive to get up the icy hill and we started loading clips while Kona ran around and took care of some business. I got to shoot the new Russian SKS that Tim bought last week. It had a little bit of a kick and I realized that next time I shoot it, I'll have to hug it into my shoulder a bit tighter.

After I shot the SKS, the shooting experience proceeded to go downhill. The GSG kept jamming, which was highly frustrating. Tim tried to teach me how to deal with a jammed gun, but I didn't have enough patience to learn. He shot his other new .22 and really enjoyed it.

We tried to get the GSG to work, but mostly we just got frustrated. Kona's feet got cold so we had to rearrange the car so he could lie in it. We definitely didn't shoot long enough, but since the day wasn't going great, we decided to head back home to get on with our day...which proceeded to head downwards...

I'm hoping today didn't set the tone for the weekend, but we'll see...


See You at the Finish Line said...

Oh no! I hope your weekend has started on a better note, now that it is Saturday!