10 January 2011

My Life Today

Just in case anyone got the idea that I have a totally cush's what I did today. We did sleep in today. I got up at 7am with Kona and after he ate and pooped, we all went back to sleep. Kona LOVES Tim in the morning, so he snuggled him and laid on top of him and had a great morning nap. I'm not sure how Tim slept... Oh and yep, our dog is that big and we do have a king sized bed. So, after we all got up, I got to work on my list of things to do. Here goes...

1. Dusted the front room and vacuumed and picked up a bunch of stuffing that Kona pulled out of a stuffed moose.
2. Cleaned my bathroom, including sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing the toilet.
3. Dusted and cleaned my bedroom, and vacuumed it too.
4. Cleaned the kitchen, including the stove top.
5. Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.
6. Washed Kona's bedding and cleaned and deodorized his house.
7. Watched the elk herd through the spotting scope. There are about 50 elk on the hillside.
8. Cleaned up stuffing from Kona's stuffed dog...and found the squeaker he pulled out.
9. Swept and mopped the kitchen floor.
10. Gave Kona a bath (with Tim's help).
11. Vacuumed Kona's fur off of his body. This is an upgrade from the usual lint rolling that we do.
12. Worked out...did two workouts and was covered in sweat.
13. Folded and put away laundry...colors and whites.
14. Washed towels. I'll fold them while we watch football.
15. Saw 10 deer within a block of our house, including 4 bucks.
16. Made tuna melts for lunch.
17. Read my scriptures.
18. Started making the menu and grocery list.
19. Called to schedule the carpets to get cleaned.
20. Sold the cupcake tower from the wedding.

Yep, it's been a busy day... I don't actually just lay around and eat bon bons. Oh and I still absolutely love my life.


Stacey said...

I have decided you need to change the name of your blog to the"The Good Life" I love reading all of your posts!