10 January 2011

Weekly Workouts

1/10/2011 ~ This afternoon after cleaning the house, I did Jiggle Free Buns and Jiggle Free Arms. I burned 663 calories, which felt good. I'm considering doing some serious stretching during the football game tonight.

~ I just finished Ultimate Calorie Blaster. I burned 444 calories in 45 minutes. I had planned to add on another 30 minutes of cardio, but I'm dragging today so I'll settle for some stretching and abs while we watch The Biggest Loser tonight.

1/12/2011 ~ All done with Get Ripped to the Core. I only burned 486 calories, so I decided to do a few songs from Just Dance 2 and I burned 142 calories...and I scored over 10000 points on my last song. Oh yeah...who knew I was such a great dancer!

~ I had a change of workout plans this morning. We have the kids for the next few days so we were up at 6am to get them ready and out the door. I was planning on working out after they went to school, but I guess we're going to Idaho to buy a couple of Hudsons...seriously. So, I did a quick workout...Cardio Dance SlimDown and burned 334 calories. Now, it's off to Idaho.

1/14/2011~I haven't been feeling sore, so I decided to lift "heavy" today. I did Get Ripped and I'm kinda feeling like maybe I should have lifted heavier. I burned 316 calories in 55 minutes. I wanted to stretch out my muscles a little bit so I did 3 songs on Just Dance 2 and burned 96 calories. Not sure what workout I'll do tomorrow or when I'll fit it in.

~ Today we had family workout time playing Just Dance. I didn't wear my HR monitor but we did play for about 45 minutes and I worked hard. I found a really good ab workout. I do have a yoga mat in my bedroom so I may try to do a 30 min workout tonight after we get everything done today. Off to dog school with Kona.