05 January 2011

My Life Today

So, I've had several friends mention to me that I seem super content and fulfilled in my new life. It's absolutely true. Before I got married, when I couldn't find a teaching job, I worried a little or alot (depending on the day) about whether I would be a content or happy housewife. Well, I shouldn't have worried at all. I truly love my life and am completely content and happy!

My day today consisted of something like this...

-Woke up and took the dog out to do his morning business. Saw a 4 point buck and his girlfriend hanging out in the horse pasture.
-Completed a great strength training workout and watched my cute dog lick the weights...maybe he's lacking iron?
-Took a shower and came out to my wonderful husband cooking me a healthy breakfast of egg whites, mushrooms, cheese and onions in a pita, with orange juice and a banana. He even got my vitamins out!
-Took Kona out for more business. Got the garbage ready to go away forever. Went to do errands with my fun husband.
-Helped my mom for awhile and let Kona socialize with Simon and Sassy.
-Played Laura Croft:Tomb Raider and finally beat the blasted T-Rex.
-Walked outside to see the 6 point buck hanging out. Called my brothers and dad to come over and see it. Travis came over and he and Tim tried to get a picture of it.
-Saw the 4 point buck 20 feet away from me.
-Cooked a yummy dinner for my cute husband. We had grilled elk steaks, with homemade mashed potatoes, steamed green beans and sauteed onions and mushrooms. We both decided that we should just eat at home because you can't get a meal like that anywhere in Logan, except for when my dad cooks.

-Changed the sheets on my bed. Vacuumed the floors. Cleaned up the kitchen.

Now, I'm just waiting for Tim to get off of work. Who wouldn't love this life?! Oh and I found out that apparently we have a possessed dog!