16 June 2010

The Pre-Shoot

Back when Tim and I decided to get married, we decided that we wanted to take the majority of the wedding pictures before the actual wedding. I've been to enough weddings where the guests have to stand around waiting for the couple to finish taking pictures that I decided that I didn't want to make my guests go through that, so on May 19, we headed down to Layton to get a bunch of pictures taken with our photographer Chris from Robert Wood Photography.

I should probably mention that I actually didn't really enjoy this experience all that much. Tim and I drove down to Layton and arrived a bit early to get ready. My parents were on their way down to St. George so they stopped and my mom helped me get dressed. I should mention that I didn't wear any sort of special lingerie to boost my bust or hide my hips, which was a huge relief. After I was ready, I walked out to the car to say hi to my dad and my cute niece and nephew, and then I got yelled at by a woman who didn't want me tracking dirt back into the freshly cleaned Victorian house we were taking pictures at. I wanted to say, "Geez lady, don't you think I'm being careful in my WHITE dress to not pick up dirt to track anywhere" but I didn't. Getting yelled at before getting your pictures taken is really not the best way to start off the whole photo shoot experience.

Finally, it was time to start. We took some pictures inside and then headed outside. We walked all around the yard and got a variety of pictures and then I asked when we were heading to the Great Salt Lake to take our beach pictures. The photographer just looked at me what are you talking about. I (and Tim) distinctly remember talking to the photographer twice about taking pictures at the beach, but apparently, once again, I'm the world's worst communicator because he had no idea what we were talking about. So, no beach pictures.

We finished the shoot and then headed back to Logan with a dvd of the pictures. When we arrived back at Tim's place, we pulled them up and started looking through them. They were SO BORING! They looked like stock wedding photos...nothing exciting...nothing candid...just boring. I should also say that they were great pictures, but they were just not what I wanted and of all of the things I wanted for my wedding, GREAT PICTURES were at the top of the list.

So, after mulling it over for a few days, I e-mailed Chris the photographer and expressed my concerns. I was a little worried that he might take my e-mail negatively but he was awesome and actually thanked me for letting him know so that he could make the necessary changes for the wedding day. Phew... We still haven't got the wedding pictures back yet, but here are some of Tim's favorites from the pre-shoot. Enjoy!

02 June 2010

The Wedding Week

Because my life is never normal, in spite of living in Normal, IL for 8 years, and because we keep having crazy adventures, I figured I should probably jot down some of the madness. So, here's some of the craziness that has been happening...


A goat showed up at my parents house...a small white goat. My cute nephew John, came running in the house and said, "Grandma, where did you get your goat?" My mom said, "What goat?" John said, "The white goat that's tied to the hitch on Grandpa's truck." Yes, indeed there was a goat tied to the back of my dad's truck. It proceeded to poop and pee on the driveway. **Note to self - powerwash driveway before Saturday** We all just stood around wondering what to do with the white goat who had a pink flowery collar. However, the goat was taken away and we no longer have to deal with that. Tim did ask when the elephant would be delivered.


I think Monday was fairly uneventful, except for the wonderful people who kept calling and said, "Hey, we're coming to the wedding and bringing guests!" This caused much stress and money to be spent as well as many phone calls to try and get everything we needed for the 125 guests. We were planning on 85-100... Apparently, Tim and I are very loved.

Last week, my dad received 100 quail in the mail. Yes, he ordered 100 baby quail that we have been taking care of. We actually have about 75 now since some of them have died. Anyways, apparently, when birds are stressed they get what is called "butt pasting". This is where their poop chute gets pasted over with poop. So, Monday morning, my mom and I were late for work because we had to catch 75 small quail and wipe the poop off their bums. Yes, I have wiped quails bums... Anyone else had that experience?! Anyone?!

My dad got to ride the lawnmower down into the canal. I guess the back wheel slipped and down it slid. My mom got to help him tow it out with the truck...the same one that had a goat tied to it the day before.


We woke up to rain. Yes, it rained all morning on a day with a 30% chance of rain. We were planning on doing all of the yard work, as well as painting the firebowls. Nope, instead my mom, Tim and I got to run all over Logan looking for stuff for the surprise guests! We also picked up the limbo pole, a new plant (I can't seem to stop buying plants!), lots of stuff that we need to finish up projects for the wedding that sort of thing. Finally, the sun came out in the afternoon and we got to mulch the yard.

I met my future mother-in-law.


Today was a BUSY day! Tim and I went to the temple in the morning and then drove down to Brigham City to drop off his mom's cell phone. Then he went to work and I headed home to take orders from my mom regarding a million different things. We worked on stuff around the yard and pressure washed the house. We went shopping for some of the food. My dad tilled the garden and then washed off the pressure washer on the lawn which did not make my mom happy. I played with my cute nephew Cole while my wonderful sister in law washed windows. Tim and I worked on the getting the cupcake tower put together. The tiki bar was built. The hammock was painted and dropped off. Tables were picked up. It was just busy.


Today started off with an early morning trip to the shooting range. Tim and I drove out to the range at Newton Dam and shot off alot of rounds. I especially had fun with the James Bond gun. On the way home, we started to make stops at different stores picking up different stuff. My mom had some friends and neighbors (Thank goodness!) putting up twinkle lights on the trees and shrubs in the yard. We painted the sandbox. We finished the cupcake tower. We ran the power for all of the "stuff" in the yard. We put twinkle lights on the hammock. Oh and this all ended at about 10:30pm.


Friday was a super busy day. Mostly it just consisted of lots and lots of running around. We did lots of errands, picking up my freshly pressed wedding dress, setting up the yard, buying 100 sets of silverware, dealing with a million people asking a million questions, packing my stuff to move to Tim's house, wiping poop off of 75 quail bums, making lomi lomi, helping my dad with food prep, etc etc etc. It was definitely busy...busy enough that I slept great the night before I got married.