20 January 2011

The Growing Dog

Our dog is growing like crazy! He's almost 9 months old and he's still got another 15 months to grow. At dog school on Saturday, I weighed him. He now weighs 106 lbs. The Saturday before Christmas, he weighed 91 lbs. His head is right at my waist so he's also a tall boy. His favorite thing to do lately is to "gut" his stuffed animals. At least 3 times a day I get to walk around the house and pick up stuffing from the stuffed animals he's shredded. At this moment, he's playing with his armadillo that has no stuffing left in it. Oh, and he particularly enjoys removing the "squeakers." He's eating 8 cups of food a day and he gets to eat first thing in the morning, around noon, around 4pm, and then before bed. He is STARVING all of the time. I learned that great danes have super high metabolisms. It's absolutely true.

Kona has been struggling with cabin fever lately. A couple of weeks ago, Tim tied a birthday balloon to Kona's collar and let him out the front door. This was the result!

So yep, we're having a blast with our cute dog! Oh and I'll keep updating everyone on Kona's super fast growth.


Barb said...

My, he is a growing boy, isn't he!!