17 January 2011

Weekly Workouts

1/17/2011 ~ I had a hard time getting motivated to do my workout today. I ended up doing Body Sculpt and lifted super heavy for my legs. I also played Just Dance 2 for an hour.

1/18/2011 ~ I didn't get started on my workout until 7:20pm...long day. I did Hard Core Fusion and burned 540 calories and then I played Just Dance 2 for 20 minutes and burned 198 calories.

1/19/2011 ~ I struggled with motivation again today. I'm not feeling great and am also feeling super tired. I started a workout (Maximum Calorie Burn Bootcamp) and got about 30 min into it and just couldn't work up the strength to do it. So, I thought, hey, I'll do Just Dance and that didn't work either. It didn't help that the dog needed to go out every 15 minutes. Oh least I worked out.

1/20/2011 ~ I don't know what the deal is but I'm super tired which has definitely impacted my motivation this week. Tim and I rode our bikes today...on the trainer and we did some ab work with the medicine ball. I also did some dead lifts and squats. Definitely not a super hard workout, but it was a workout. I'll take it.

1/21/2011 ~ Still no motivation. I'm wondering if I'm fighting off a cold or something. I did 15 minutes of yoga while Tim was on the trainer. I just couldn't really work up the energy.