06 January 2011

Happy Birthday Tim!

Today is Tim's 37th birthday. He's been telling me all week that he wanted to skip the day and that he didn't want any gifts and that he didn't want to even acknowledge the day. Yesterday, I asked him if he would be mad if I went all out for his birthday. He said "Yep." Last night I told him that I was going to celebrate his birthday whether he liked it or not and that if he got mad, I would cry.

So, this morning, I woke up and baked his cake. I made him breakfast. Then we spent the morning doing errands. When he started work at noon, I headed out to complete the birthday preparations. I picked up his and picked up the balloons. I learned that our dog is completely and totally opposed to balloons.

We went to pick up the kids and grab lunch at the Italian Place in Logan. We came home, ate lunch, and then it was time for cake and presents. Oh, I should mention that we also sang "Happy Birthday!"

I guess out of all of the pictures I took of opening gifts, this is the only one that turned out okay. Tim got a spotting scope, a flashlight, some Hot Tamales, picture frames, and Call of Duty 4. Of course he had to try out the spotting scope.

I'm pretty sure our neighbors think that a peeping tom lives at our house.

After presents, it was cake time. Tim and I liked the cake. Rylan scraped off all of the frosting and only ate cake. Kyra somehow managed to remove the crushed pineapple chunks from the frosting...I caught her spitting them out. I have no idea how she managed to do that. There is still a ton of cake in the freezer. I guess we have our dessert for the next week.

When Tim finished work, we headed to La Nonne for dinner. We had the bruschetta for an appetizer and then Tim had some sort of beef with gorgonzola sauce, and I had a delicious rare ahi tuna steak with fresh tomatoes, basil, and olive oil. Mine was so good and I can't wait to finish it at lunch tomorrow. It was also fairly light and healthy so that was definitely a bonus. I had all intentions of taking pictures at dinner, but I completely forgot.

When we got home, I remembered to take a picture of Tim and I. Of course, we look completely exhausted, but hey, it was a super busy day.

Hopefully, Tim had a good birthday...