03 December 2011

CVCA Gallery Walk

Last night was the Gallery Walk here in Logan.  A few weeks ago, John, the owner of a great local sandwich joint called the Italian Place, said we could set up our giant reindeer in the Gallery Walk and try to sell them.  I really really really wanted Tim to be in charge of this part because I'm SOOO not a salesperson or an artsy person and I'm really not even a people person.  However, Tim had to work and take Rylan to a soccer game, so I got to be the lucky person to hang out at the Gallery Walk.

Yesterday afternoon, we loaded up our 6 reindeer (there were already 2 there) and dropped them off and then I went back over there to hang out from 6-9pm.  What an interesting experience!  Of course, I completely did not fit in.  I'm not a hippie.  I believe in daily showers.  I really am not the least bit artsy.  I'm totally a hard science person and while I REALLY appreciate art and music and I'm SO impressed with those talents, I don't really fit in with the artsy crowd.  I wasn't even dressed right...which isn't that surprising if you know me.

Needless to say, the night was kind of a flop.  I sold one small reindeer to my friend Chelsey who I already knew was going to buy one.  That was it.  I talked to one college student who loved my reindeer but of course, he had no money.  Three old ladies walked by and said the reindeer were cute.  The rest of my evening was spent talking to the super friendly and super duper smelling potter who parked next to me.  He was so nice and talked to me about pottery and metal working and books, but wow...did he smell.  He did have some AMAZING pieces though and if I would have had any cash on me, I definitely would have bought a couple of his urns...except I would not use them for cremated bodies.

Anyways, we still have 9 reindeer to sell...I'm okay with keeping 4, but I really don't need all of Santa's reindeer hanging out on my front porch in December and in my garage for the other 11 months of the year.