27 December 2011

What a Great Dad!

When Rylan started middle school this fall, apparently a girl in one of his classes started calling him "Mustache Man."  He mentioned this several times to us and we asked him if he was ready to start shaving and he kept telling us no.  However, Santa brought him a razor and shaving cream in his stocking which apparently triggered the question "Dad, will you teach me to shave?" on Christmas night.

Because Tim is such a great dad, he said, "Yes" and down they went into the kids bathroom.  I followed right behind with the camera because I figured this was probably blog-worthy.

I have to admit I was very surprised at how well Tim did the "teaching to shave" lesson.  I wouldn't have done such a great job.

First, he let Ry play with the shaving cream. 

He also showed Ry how to use the razor by leaving the guard on and "shaving" his arm hair.  I kind of freaked out because I absolutely didn't want Tim to shave off his arm hair.

Then, he had Ry shave a section of his arm hair to get a feel for the amount of pressure you need to use.

Next, he had Ry put the shaving cream on his face.

 Then, he had Ry "shave" his mustache with the guard on the razor.

 Finally, it was time for the actual shaving!

This involved much laughter and many funny faces!

Then Tim did the finishing touches.  I guess that means that Ry is on his way to becoming a man.  He did have fun and told us that he's planning on shaving every time he comes to our house.

Mostly, I was just impressed at what a great job Tim did teaching him.  I would never have thought to use all of those different steps and to have him practice .  What a great Dad he is!


Stacey said...

What a great story!!! Tim is a great dad!!

Barb said...

Ahhhhhhhh! I'm impressed, too.