19 December 2011

Why Does My Garbage Disposal Hate Me?

This morning I tried to play plumber and flooded my kitchen.  I'll get to the flooding part soon, but there is a preface to this story...

When I lived in my super tiny apartment in IL, I didn't have a garbage disposal.  It worked great...I just threw away my egg shells, vegetable peels, leftovers, whatever.  I did take the garbage out often, but it was seriously no big deal.  When Tim and I got married, all of the sudden I had a big fridge and an full size oven, a dishwasher and a garbage disposal.  These things have all been awesome, except for the garbage disposal...because IT HATES ME!

I don't think we had been married a month before I clogged the sink with potato peels.  It was a Sunday morning and I'm pretty sure I made Tim's day when I told him that the sink was clogged.  I watched him unclog it and I've never put potato peels in the disposal since then. 

Clogging the sink has happened a few or alot more times since then and I've watched Tim enough and even unclogged it myself to know what I need to do.  I should also mention that I rarely use the garbage disposal because it truly doesn't work for me.  Everyone else in the house can use it just fine, but not me.

This morning I made eggs for breakfast.  Because I've clogged the sink with eggshells before, I usually don't put them down the drain.  However, this morning, I used only two whole eggs and then four whites, so there were yolks and eggshells mixed together.  I turned on the water, I started the disposal and then I proceeded to shove one egg at a time down the disposal.  Tim says that I don't use the disposal correctly which is why it clogs, but I'm pretty sure that I used the proper procedure this morning.

We had our breakfast and then Tim went to study for his exam tomorrow, while I started to clean up breakfast...except the sink was clogged. SUPER!  I finished loading the dishes in the dishwasher, put a pot under the pipes under the sink, and started testing out my plumbing skills...and failed MISERABLY! 

All of the sudden there were eggshells...lots and lots of tiny pieces of eggshells...and LOTS of water SPEWING from the pipes...ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR! 

Very calmly, I called out to Tim, "I need your help."  Then, I hurried into the bathroom to grab ALL of our towels. 

He came into the kitchen and said, "What did you do?!"  Then, he started laughing.  We started cleaning up. 

He said, "I'm glad I came in here so fast. Perhaps next time you should have some urgency in your voice." 

I said, "I didn't want to freak you out." 

He said, "I'm the plumber in this house and this is something to freak out about."  Then, he laughed some more and gave me a big hug.
He said, "Do you see how much work you've created for yourself?"  I guess he was talking about the 2 loads of towels and rugs I'm currently washing, as well as mopping the kitchen floor.

I said, "Well, I was planning on cleaning today anyways, so I guess I've got a good start."

The kitchen is all cleaned, as well as the rest of the house.  The laundry is going.  I'm pretty sure I'm done with the garbage disposal.  I just wish it didn't hate me so much!


Unknown said...

IRONIC- our garbage disposal stopped working this morning. However, with a google search and an allen wrench, I fixed it myself!

I put stuff in our GD that you do all the time, and with much less care... it sounds like yours is definitely cranky...

Darryl Iorio said...

I just find it amusing how your husband made the situation laughable. He knows that you felt really bad of what happened, so he tried to make things absurd to help you loosen up a bit. Remember that through mistakes, we learn lessons. So it's okay. :) The next time you try your plumbing skills, just make sure that you have someone who will assist you and will ensure that you're doing the right thing. Also, you could learn some plumbing works through DIY tutorials. You should check out those videos if you want to learn more about them.

Darryl Iorio

Unknown said...


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God bless you!