26 February 2010

99 Days

This morning when I woke up, I realized that I'm getting married in 99 days! Then I did the happy dance because I can remember way back in August when the wedding was over 300 days away and it seemed so far. Now it's only 99 days away and that makes me very very happy!

I also realized that I'm feeling super good about the wedding planning. I'm feeling no stress, except for the whole get skinny enough to look good in my wedding dress thing. I think we've figured out what Tim will wear and we'll get that taken care of this weekend. My parents are totally on task with getting the reception venue (their yard) all ready. My dad is working on the fire bowls and the tiki bar and tiki torches are all taken care of. I think I have everything I need as far as wedding day clothing goes. So, while we still have a list of tasks to get taken care of, I'm feeling super good about it all.

Mostly though, I'm just super way excited that I get to marry a truly incredible man who is SO perfect for me in 99 days! That is probably the best feeling!


Laura Wheatley said...

awww AJ that is so exciting!! I'm happy for you!! Your big day is going to be wonderful and you are going to look BEAUTIFUL!!!