16 February 2009

Week 5 Training - Boise 1/2IM

February 16, 2009 - BIKE
60 min. recovery ride - I forgot the pool was closed yesterday so I got to do my bike workout instead. Oscar's wheel is happily inflated and rolling well. However, while I was doing my one legged pedaling drills, the pedal fell off. I was totally flummoxed! Who knew a pedal could fall off. I put it back on (I'm gaining many mechanical skills) and finished up my ride. Apparently, Oscar is unhappy about something and keeps having mechanical issues...I thought he would be happier I was spending more time with him. I'm just wondering what's going to happen next...

February 17, 2009 - REST
I woke up this morning not feeling good at all. That continued on throughout the day, so it turned into a rest day.

February 18, 2009
2650 yds. - I felt surprisingly good during the swim. I should probably mention that the pool I'm swimming in is REALLY 80 degrees warm. I'm always warm when I hop in and am red and hot after a few laps. A man actually asked if I'm sunburned.
Yoga was tough. I struggled with the last few vinyasas and was ready to fall asleep when I finished the stretching. It was fun and funny though. Oh, and I also managed to do toelock for a few seconds. That's new and different.

February 19, 2009 - SWIM + BIKE
1700 yds (YAY!) - I did this workout this morning in 43 min even with visiting with some of my swim friends I haven't seen since I changed my workout times. It was ALOT of drills which I was fine with since my shoulders were tired from swimming yesterday. The pool was hot again and people kindly kept commenting on how red I turn.
65 min. ride - Big Gear Work

February 20, 2009 - RUN
45 min. Intervals - I did this run after eating a cheeseburger. YIKES! That will definitely remind me not to eat cheeseburgers before a run.

February 21, 2009 - REST

February 22, 2009 - RUN
45 min. easy run in Washington DC - I actually did this workout on an elliptical, mostly because I had just eaten at McCormick and Schmicks and absolutely didn't want to lose my dinner. That's 3 weeks in a row of hitting all of my workouts.


See You at the Finish Line said...

Hi AJ,
Don't forget "Yoga Wednesday"! :) A little downward dog is always a good thing, even in a backdown week. See you then.