25 February 2009

That's Sick...

**Warning...Don't read if you're easily disgusted.

This morning, I was talking with Karen, my sister in law, and I learned that I had missed a very eventful family dinner last night. I got the scoop, called the parents to confirm, and laughed so hard I was crying. Because the story is so funny, I figured it needs to be shared and documented for posterity.

First...some background...awhile back, Eric (my brother) and his wife Karen came over for dinner. I'm not sure what we ate, but Eric sort of choked or something and ended up spewing dinner all down the front of him and onto the french doors. He was trying to get outside. Karen and I totally cracked up because he was frantically trying to not spew and it was so funny. (I'm giggling just thinking about it.)

On to the story...last week, my parents tried lettuce wraps for the first time and loved them. My dad, being the outstanding cook that he is decided to try his hand at them. Apparently, he invited the family over to try them out as well. My mom was in charge of making the spicy mustard. It comes in as powder in a can and you just add water to it. It's not tricky or anything, you just have to make sure its stirred up well.

So, everyone sat down to eat dinner and my dad, who loves spicy mustard, piled it up on his lettuce wrap and took a bite. Well, I guess the mustard stirrer (nice job Mom...) didn't do a good job, because my dad got a huge chunk of powdered mustard in his mouth which caused him to choke and gag. Apparently, it didn't stop there. He started to blow chunks of lettuce wraps and rice out of his nose. Karen said that everyone paused...and my poor little nephew just looked horrified that grandpa had rice and lettuce and chicken coming out of his nose.

Well, Simon the dog, ran over to where my dad was standing and started licking up the chunks. John, my cute nephew, said, "Look, Simon's licking it up!" My brother, Travis, John's dad, said very wisely, "Well, it's a good thing that Simon is grandpa's dog."

Yes, this is what happens at the Hansen's dinner table. I, of course, am totally cracking up about this. In fact, I wish I would have been there to join in the fun. I talked to John this morning and he told me that yes, grandpa did in fact blow chunks of rice and chicken out of his nose. Definitely completely totally vile and disgusting and sick, but very very funny in my world...


Stacey said...

one word. . . AWESOME!!!!

Sarah said...

Love it, AJ. Thanks for sharing. Who will be next to spew their dinner at your parent's house?

Barb said...

Yuck! But isn't that what you and your nephew will be laughing about years from now! Thanks for sharing.