14 November 2011

The Giant Reindeer Project

Two Saturdays ago, Tim and I made our giant reindeer prototype.  See here.  Because we liked it so much, and because we heard alot of great comments about how cool the giant reindeer was, we decided that we would try our hand at building and selling these steel reindeer.

On Friday morning, we decided to paint the prototype.  I chose a color called "antique oiled brass."  Tim was skeptical, but it turned out awesome.  Before we could paint, we had to clean the reindeer off with alcohol and then prime it.  Of course, Kona had to supervise.  I did put him in the house before we started the painting because I really didn't want paint paw prints all over my carpet.

After the primer went on and dried, we painted it the "antique oiled brass."  It is a dark brown with gold metallic in it.  I'm typically not a gold person, ever, but I think the shimmer in the paint really adds to the color.  I'm a fan and my reindeer will definitely be painted this color.

Once the reindeer was dry, we took it outside to see how it would look.  I'm pretty sure it looks fabulous, but I'm also completely and totally biased.

While we were having lunch at one of our favorite places, The Italian Place here in Logan, we spoke with owner about putting a couple of our steel reindeer in the restaurant and trying to sell them.  They said, "Of course" and also suggested that we put the reindeer in the local gallery walk on December 2.

So, last Saturday, we went back to IPACO and bought the steel to make six sturdy giant reindeer.  We spent the afternoon building two of these reindeer.

This morning, we sanded, primed, painted, and laquered the reindeer and now they're sitting in the garage drying.


Tomorrow morning, they're headed to the Italian Place to hang out for a few weeks with hopes that we can build even more super cool steel reindeer.  If you're interested in purchasing one, or a pair, let me know and we can definitely have a conversation about it!  Oh, and if you have any suggestions about how to make the giant reindeer cooler or fancier or a way to sell/market them more, please let me know!