24 November 2011

A Grateful Heart

Today, I got to wake up early and think about all of the many, many things I've been blessed with in my life.  I'm so grateful that we have the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving and take one day out of the year to focus on all of the "stuff" we've been blessed with.  The other night, Tim and I were talking and I asked him to list the top 3 things he's grateful for.  To be fair, I thought I would post mine no particular order.

I'm so grateful for my husband.  He has brought so much MORE to my life.  I'm grateful that we get to do all sorts of fun things and that we truly get to live life!  I'm grateful for all of his love and support in all that I do.  I'm grateful for his hard work and that I get to spend so much time with him.  I'm grateful for his patience with me and I love him more each and every day.

I'm grateful for my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I'm grateful for the spirit that we have in our home.  I'm grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I'm grateful that we are led by a prophet, President Thomas S. Monson and that we receive such amazing counsel and blessings.  I'm grateful for my testimony and for the scriptures.

I'm grateful for my family.  I'm pretty sure that I have the very best family in the whole world.  I'm grateful that I get to be a stepmom to Kyra and Rylan.  I'm grateful that we get to spend so much time with them and for all of the joy and excitement and stress they bring into my life.  I'm so grateful for my parents and for all they have done for me and all they continue to do for me.  I'm grateful for my brothers and sisters-in-law and all of my cute nieces and nephews.  I'm so grateful that I get to be an aunt.
I'm grateful for the life I get to lead each and every day.  I'm grateful for all of the adventures I get to have.  I'm grateful to live where I live and to be able to enjoy all of the beautiful creations around me.  I'm grateful for my body that is healthy and strong that allows me to do all of the fun stuff I love to do. 
I'm grateful for the challenges, trials, and hard things in life.  I'm grateful for the strength that I develop through them.  I'm grateful for the personality traits that I've been given that allow me to endure my specific trials.  I'm grateful for my desire to challenge myself and for the drive and determination that is in me.

Those are just a few of the things that I'm grateful for.  I hope you all have a grateful day and enjoy the feast!


Barb said...

Happy Thanksgiving, AJ. I'm grateful to know and love you!