05 November 2011

The Giant Reindeer

When Tim and I were engaged, I went shopping after Christmas and found these amazing reindeer on sale and brought them home.  They're great for the house, but I knew that I needed some giant reindeer for my porch.  Last year, we didn't even consider making the giant reindeer.  But this year...well, I guess this is the year of the reindeer.

Earlier this week, I mentioned to Tim that I would like some reindeer for our porch.  He said he would help me, if I came up with the plan and if they weren't too expensive.  So, I began figuring out what I wanted and I also started figuring out materials and cost and design and lots of other stuff. 

On Friday, Tim and I headed to IPACO to buy our steel.  We got to make an exciting drive with 7 pieces of 20 ft steel strapped to the top of the cruiser.  We dropped off the steel at my father in law's place and then Tim worked on the welder.  I also discovered that wearing a welding hood doesn't work for me AT ALL due to my big mop of hair, as well as my claustrophobia. 

This morning, Tim and I headed out to make our reindeer prototype.  First, we had to measure and cut out our pieces.  Once the pieces were cut out, there was grinding, welding, bending, welding, shaping, welding and decision-making.
After 2 hours of fun, this is what we ended up with.  I LOVE it!  I can't wait to put it, and it's buddy out on my porch.  Of course, I need to take a better picture of it...after I prime and paint it.

We have one more deer to make for our porch, a set for my parents for Christmas, and we'll even have a pair to sell.  We haven't decided on a price yet, but I hope someone will think they're as cool as I do and will want to buy them.  Hey, maybe I've found my new calling in life... 


Stacey said...

Very Cool!! You guys could probably sell them and make some $$$$!!