23 November 2011

The Christmas Lights are Up!

Today was the day the Christmas lights went up at our house! Of course, Kona had to supervise.  Tim even got him to climb the ladder. 
 We only had to use 2 strands this year, so we actually have an extra stand that we're trying to figure out what to do with it.
We also hung my awesome wreath.  This took a couple of tries because we kept changing our minds on where exactly we wanted the wreath to be.  I'm debating on a ribbon for the wreath, but I'm thinking that maybe I should just leave it sort of rustic looking to go with my super cool reindeer.  Oh...the reindeer will be going out least one of them will be on the porch.
 Maybe we should use this as our Christmas card photo?!
We also had to adjust the cord for the wreath because the first attempt made the wreath look square.  I'm pretty sure wreaths are not meant to be square.
 I'm pretty sure that the highlight of Kona's day was finding this tiny ball in one of the planting beds.  He brought it in the house and was flipping it all over the place. This was before I got the house all cleaned up, but I'm sure the cute tiny soccer ball will make an appearance tomorrow.

P.S.  The Christmas lights will not be turned on until tomorrow night...  :)


Barb said...

Kona is about as tall as Tim standing on the ladder..your baby is sure growing!! Love the wreath...and your reindeers are so clever. What an awesome craft.