20 January 2009

Week 1 Training - Boise 1/2IM

January 19 - BIKE
60 min ride on the trainer, form work. I was supposed to do this workout on Saturday, but since the pool was closed yesterday, I subbed it in and will do the pool workout later this week. My average HR was 134 and I burned 888 calories. I learned that I'm going to have to build my callouses on my sit bones back up. I learned that I'm a terrible one legged peddler.

January 20 - RUN
Negative split 1 hour run. I ran out of daylight to do this run last night. I was thinking I could do it on Wednesday morning, but I figured 3 workouts in 1 day wasn't a great idea. I may have to see if the Chilly Chili Run will fulfill this workout.

January 21 - SWIM + BIKE
Swim 1700 yds. I just finished this workout and I was surprised at how well I remember how to swim. I haven't been in the pool for quite awhile, so I wasn't sure how it would go. It went fine. I got the yards done in 38:26. I also enjoyed the drills and remembered how much I love being in the water. The worst part was the 4 foot high shower afterwards...that's what happens when you swim at an elementary school I guess. ***I went back and checked my times from last year. I am slower, but not as slow as I was at the beginning of March, so I'm sure over time, I'll get my speed back.***
Bike - 60 min. form work. I completed this workout last night before Lost came on. It was difficult to want to do a bike workout because I was feeling kind of tired. Plus, when I got on the bike my butt was sore from riding on Monday. I really do have to get my callouses built back up. I did the workout, but I will admit, I hopped off the bike about 6 minutes early because I had to take some fresh baked bread out of the oven and I really didn't want to to get back on. So, while it was not my finest workout, I did get it done. Oh, and I did much better on the one legged pedaling!

January 22 - REST

January 23 - SWIM
2000 yds. I just finished this workout. I was a little disappointed in my time (48:48), but there were alot of drills and I took my time doing those. My next swim is Monday, so I should have plenty of time to recover.

January 24 - BIKE + RUN
1:30-1:45 ride while watching a movie - I had grand intentions of waking up early to do this on Saturday morning. Instead, I woke up in the middle of the night and didn't fall back to sleep until around 5:30am (there are weird informercials on in the middle of the night). By the time I woke up it was 10am, so no ride.
Chilly Chili Run - 4 miles + Green Gable Cheeseburger - Did it! See above race report.

January 25 - REST
Thought about fitting in my long ride, but had stomach issues and decided to just bag it for the week.


See You at the Finish Line said...

Along with the Green Gables cheeseburger, you might also get to enjoy snacks midway through the race. Spam is often the main ingredient. One year, however, it was various Little Debbie chocolate treats - better than Spam treats. We'll see you there!