23 March 2008

Why I Tri!

Well, day one of 1/2 IM training starts tomorrow and I have to admit, I'm totally stoked to get going on the training and to complete this event. In 20 weeks, I'll be a 1/2 Ironman and that is pretty darn cool. So, here's my list of why I tri in no particular order...

I tri:

-because it's fun.
-because there is absolutely no bettter way to start off the day then watching the sun rise over a glistening lake, jumping into that lake and swimming, heading off on a gorgeous bike ride through the countryside with the sun warming your back, and finishing all of that off with a run.
-because it's helping me achieve my dreams.
-because it's a great way to crosstrain and take care of my body.
-because I want to set an example and influence others to go after their hopes and dreams.
-because it's helping me to overcome my fear of swimming in open water. Perhaps, one day (hopefully this summer), I'll be able to open my eyes when my face is in the water in a lake.
-because I want to race at Kona and swim behind the gods of surfing, and ride out to Hawi and run through the energy lab.
-because triathlon is a lifelong activity.
-for all of the people who want to but can't.
-to travel around the world and see the world from a very unique perspective. Who wouldn't want to cross the finish line with a baby elephant?
-to challenge myself physically and mentally.
-to become a better endurance athlete.
-for the feeling of peace of mind that comes from training and racing. I wouldn't trade those moments of clarity for anything.
-because I have many things to learn and much to improve upon and the only way to do that is through training and practice.
-because I want the body of a triathlete.
-because triathletes are incredible people and I want to surround myself with people who challenge themselves and who are truly awesome and super.
-because I want to and think I can become good at this sport.
-because I'm a competitor.
-because I love to race and I get to race three times in one event.
-because I can.