17 March 2008

Week 3 Pre-Training Utah 1/2 IM

March 17, 2008

BIKE - Power intervals 7x20s. (1 h. 10 m.) 20 s. intervals done in a high gear @ speed intensity with 2 m. active recoveries; warm up and cool down long enough to reach total time

Well, I skipped this workout last night out of pure exhaustion and went to bed instead. I figured it would be better to sleep than to ride the bike and get even more sleep deprived.

March 18, 2008

SWIM - I had a great swim this morning. The only thing is that I forgot to look at my workout before I got to the pool, so I had to sort of wing it. I ended up going longer (100 yd) than planned, but it all works out. I was in and out of the pool in 42 min.

Warm-up 300 yd.
Drill set 8x25 yd.
Base intervals 8x100yd.
Kick set 8x25 yd.
Cool down 300 yd.
1800 yd.

RUN - I ended up missing this run and watched a second grade music concert filled with kazoos! Very entertaining!

Fartlek run 8x30s. (45 m.) Foundation run with 30 s. bursts @ VO2 max/speed intensity

March 19, 2008

BIKE - Well, I had the best intentions of getting this workout in last night. I got home from yoga, sat down on the couch to eat dinner, and the tiredness totally hit me. I kept trying to talk myself into getting on the bike/trainer, but I wasn't successful at all. So, I crawled into bed thinking since I'm so tired, I should sleep. However, I ended up lying awake for almost 2 hours and kicking myself for not getting on the bike. Definitely a lesson learned...

Foundation bike 1 h. 15 m. Steady ride at moderate aerobic intensity

YOGA - Yoga today was tough. My shoulders were tired and I struggled to keep my arms up during the warrior sequences. My balance was way off and I struggled to not tumble. There was one small victory though...I was able to do most of the sun salutations up on my toes.

March 20, 2008

SWIM - My swim this morning went well. I finished the workout in 42 minutes. I struggled on my kick set because my legs/hips kept wanting to cramp up, but that might have been because I was working on kicking from my hip/core.

Warm up 300 yd.
Drill set 8x25 yd.
Fartlek intervals 8x100 yd. (25 easy/25 hard, 10 s. rest)
Kick set 8x25 yd.
Cool down 300 yd.
1800 yd.

RUN - I didn't get this run done last night due to late meetings at work and fatigue. I've decided to take Friday off as a complete rest day.

Foundation run (45 m.) steady run at moderate aerobic intensity

March 21, 2008

REST - I've been struggling with recovering from my sleep deprived weekend and decided that I want to be fresh for my first day of 1/2 IM training on Monday, so today is a total rest day. When I woke up this morning, I seriously struggled to drag myself out of bed and figured that a rest day is in order.

March 22, 2008

RUN - This morning I ran with the team and ended up doing 10 miles while looking for Easter eggs out on the trail. I think the time was 1:44 and that included the water breaks, so I'll take it. It was my last run before the St. Louis 1/2 Marathon and I'm feeling pretty good. I think my average HR was 167 and I burned 2003 calories.

March 23, 2008