06 March 2008


This morning I arrived to work with an e-mail from my running coach. What he said inspired me, so I thought I would post it to remind myself of some important things.

You are what you eat - how many times have we heard that one?? More importantly, you are what you believe.

If you believe you're too old, you'll act old

If you believe you're too slow, you'll run slow

If you believe you're not an athlete - think again.....

Who else have you seen out on the trail training for upcoming races? Not many - The true athlete isn't the one on the cover of the sports magazine. The true athlete is the one in the gym, on the track, out on the trail doing the training required to succeed. And that's exactly where each of you has been and will continue to be.

Soo, the next time you look in the mirror,

See that athlete with the finisher's medal

See that athlete that set a personal record.

See that athlete that is the role model for their friends and family.


See You at the Finish Line said...

Minor Myers, IWU President who died in 2003, often would ask people "What's your passion?" as he would meet them, rather than the typical small talk conversation.

The following was taken from a newspaper article:

"Myers constantly reminded Illinois Wesleyan’s students that the goal of their education was not simply to find a job but to find what fascinated them and to pursue that. Each year at Commencement, he exhorted the seniors to "go forth and do well. But, more importantly, go forth and do good."

For Myers, a complete liberal arts experience combined learning and discovery. He emphasized the importance of a faculty of excellent teachers with enthusiasm for research. In an interview in the Illinois Wesleyan University Magazine last December, Myers said: "The greatest teachers are the ones who are inspired from the inside because they are asking interesting questions to which they are finding answers, and in doing so they pass along a real and authentic enthusiasm for discovery, in their own field and any other field. And that enthusiasm energizes their students and enlivens the entire institution."

I think he would love the nature of your questions AJ!