29 March 2008

Week 2 Utah 1/2 IM Training

March 31, 2008

SWIM - I could not fall asleep last night, so waking up for swimming this morning was tough. I woke up feeling rotten, so I'm sure my workout was effected by that. I did the workout in 35:14 and was struggling with the cooldown. I am trying to work on my form and breathing on both sides this week.

Warm up 300 yds. Drill set 8x25 yds. Base intervals 6x100 yds. Kick set 8x25 yds. Cool down 300 yds. Total 1600 yds.

BIKE - I just finished my bike workout and it went okay. I struggled to get my HR up and ended up with an average HR of 128. I felt like I was working hard, but my HR only went up when I switched up to the bigger gear.

Power intervals 7x20s. (1 h. 10 m.)

April 1, 2008

SWIM - I had an okay swim workout this morning. I got my 1800 yds done in 38 m. My speed intervals went well, although I did them backwards (recovery, build). The pool was a little warmer than usual, and I was totally grossed out when the guy in the lane next to me blew his nose into his hands and then rinsed them off in the water. The gross part was that I actually kept swimming...

Warm up 300 yds. Drill set 8x25 yds. Fartlek intervals 8x100 yds. (25 build, 25 descend) Kick set 8x25 yds. Cool down 300 yds. Total 1800 yds.

RUN - I had to skip this run last night because I ran out of hours in the day. I left my house at 5:30am for my swim and didn't get home again until 9:30pm, so running would have involved driving to the gym and I was ready for bed. Plus, I knew there was a brick workout in the morning, so no run for me last night.

Fartlek run 8x30 s. (40 m.)

April 2, 2008

BRICK - I had a fantastic brick workout this morning. I got out of bed pretty easily (only laid there for 20 m.) hopped on the trainer, with my ipod again and started pedaling. My average HR for 60 m. on the bike was 138. I hopped off, threw on a long sleeved shirt and headed out the door, so my T2 time was 1:35. I started running and felt fabulous. There was none of the wobbly legs or tired legs or what was I thinking sort of feeling. It was so nice to be running in shorts, although when I saw the temperature (24 degrees with the wind chill, I probably should have thrown on a hat and gloves and pants). In fact, I felt ready to run a longer-type run. However, I followed the training schedule and ran my 20 m. with an average HR of 163, which felt really easy. So, my first brick of the season went incredibly well and I feel empowered. I'm not sure if this means I need to go harder on the bike or if I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing, but it was definitely an awesome workout and a great way to start off the day.

1 h. bike/20 m. run, both at moderate aerobic intensity

YOGA - Yoga was cancelled due to illness, so tonight ended up just being a relax and stretch evening.

April 3, 2008

I had the best intentions to go to sleep early last night (8pm) and wake up at 4:15am to get both of these workouts done. However, I woke up at 12pm and was awake until after 3:30am, so I slept until 5:30am before heading to the pool. I'll have to fit in the bike tonight at around 9:30pm...long day...

SWIM - I wasn't sure how my swim was going to go since I was/am sleep deprived, but I think it went well. I finished the swim in 38:43 which I'll take. I felt good and was able to push myself, and I did get the long workout done which is always a nice feeling.

Warm up 250 yds. Base intervals 1500 yds. Cool down 250yds. Total 2000 yds.

BIKE - I skipped this bike workout out of pure exhaustion. I left my house at 5:30am and didn't get home until 9:30pm and I was tired. I probably could have hopped on the trainer, but my hips were achy and I was seriously tired, so no ride for me. I thought about throwing it into Friday morning, but I want to have fresh legs for the race, so I guess I'll chalk it up to poor time management on my part. Now, if I can just stop feeling guilty...

Foundation bike 1 h. 15 m. at moderate aerobic intensity

April 4, 2008

REST - Today is my scheduled rest day and I've been looking forward to it all week, except that now that I missed my bike workout yesterday, I'm feeling guilty for taking a day off. I guess I just need to get over that and move on. I'm trying to remind myself that I'm running a 1/2 marathon this weekend and need to be fresh because there are hills, so I'll do my stretching workout tonight and rest and relax and prepare to head to St. Louis for the weekend.


April 5, 2008

RUN - I ended up running for 35 m. and then I listened to my body and stopped to walk since my legs were feeling kinda heavy. I came home and stretched for about 15 m. which felt absolutely glorious. I need to remember to stretch more often...

Recovery run 20-30 m. at easy aerobic intensity


April 6, 2008

RACE - ST. LOUIS 1/2 MARATHON - Goal - Run negative splits

See race report.


See You at the Finish Line said...

Eewh! Thanks for sharing that scenario from today's swim. That almost sounded like it came from Steve in a Speedo, Gross.