01 December 2010

Christmas Decorations

Since Kyra and Rylan got to spend Thanksgiving day with us, we decided to pull out the tree and get some decorating for Christmas done. So, we got the tree up and the reindeer herd all set out. This is my first effort at decorating for Christmas, so I'm not sure how it looks, but it's done and I'm happy because it's Christmastime!

Here's our Christmas tree. The ornaments are silver reindeer, wire stars with crystals, white cute birds, big huge disco balls, and lots of glittery silvery jeweled ornaments. I love it, but I'm still wondering how I can talk Tim into letting me get a palm tree with hawaiian shirts and pink flamingos for my bedroom.

Kona seems to think that our Christmas tree skirt was placed on the ground specifically for him to lay on. We keep finding him napping under the tree. Of course, right after I took these pictures he started chewing on the tree skirt and I had to "encourage" him to move away and stop chewing on my super cool tree skirt.

And here is the herd...

Oh and here's a parting picture of Kona sleeping nicely under the tree. Can you believe he really weighs over 90lbs!


Laura Wheatley said...

Beautiful decorations, and Kona is such a cutie!! Did you sign up for Cozumel??