17 December 2010

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

This morning we woke up, got Rylan off to school, went to Kyra's parent teacher conferences, dropped Rylan's scout shirt off at my mom for her to sew his brand new bear badge on, and then went with my mom downtown to do the Gingerbread Walk. I forgot that I had my camera with me, so no pictures, but my two favorites were the Salt Lake Temple at S.E. Needham's Jewelry and the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland at the Sportsman. Oh and all of this was followed by lunch at Great Harvest Bread. I love living in Logan!

We got home and I started my project for the afternoon, which had to do with the fourth day of Christmas.

I started making chocolate chip cookie dough and put together Tim's package of Bath and Body Works foot cream. He has super duper soft feet, so he doesn't need any cream, but it does feel better when I start digging into his plantar fascia.

As soon as the first batch was done and out of the oven, on the "Take Joy" plate they went, with a mug full of milk. Into Tim's office I went, bringing good tidings of chocolate and joy!

Of course, I did have help with the baking. Kona thought it would be fun to watch and to snack, since he does love the cookie dough, without chocolate of course.

He also learned a valuable lesson about sticking his big giant nose where it doesn't belong. I pulled a hot pan of cookies out of the oven and heard a sizzle... Apparently Kona's wet nose sizzled on the pan. I'm pretty sure he didn't like that part of the afternoon.