16 December 2010

On the Third Day of Christmas

So, Tim didn't find his "surprise" until it was time for bed last night, so he got his cup of tea this morning and I guess he has a rain check on the backrub. Maybe tonight?

This was the clue that I handed Tim this morning. I really debated on surprising him with lunch but we had a bunch of errands to do and I also thought that maybe he want to have a say in what he wanted to eat for lunch. So, I handed him the clue and got a hug, kiss, and a smile and away we went to drop kid #2 off at school and to get our errands done.

On our way home, we stopped at one of our favorite places to eat sandwiches, Logan's Heroes. They seriously have the BEST turkey sandwiches that I've ever eaten in my life. We grabbed the sandwiches, stopped for big drinks, and then headed home.

I should probably mention that while I was planning today's event, I forgot that we have a giant dog and that having a picnic under the Christmas tree probably wouldn't work with our giant dog hanging out. So, we moved to the kitchen table and used the poinsettia as our "tree".

My sandwich was I said, the best sandwiches in Logan...the best turkey sandwiches EVER.

Kona the giant dog wanted to join us and kept touching the bag of chips, hoping that maybe he might get to have a small snack. Oh and just for a small frame of reference, we have a bar height table and yes, our dog is seriously that big.

Lunch was awesome...not a romantic picnic under the Christmas tree, but super tasty and good company and we got to enjoy a funny giant dog with a goofy ear.