30 November 2010

A Snowy Thanksgiving

A week ago Tuesday, I was hurrying home from JoAnns with 3 cute bird ornaments for my tree in a blizzard. Yes, a literal blizzard. I even got to put my new Xterra in 4 wheel drive. I still haven't come up with a name for the new car. I'm leaning toward Ralph or Felix...Tim says the car is named Ralph...I think mostly because he's tired of listening to me randomly call out names while he's working. Anyways, back to the blizzard. It snowed and blew and snowed and blew and snowed and blew some more for maybe 6 hours? My dad got snowed in at work. Our cute dog didn't want to go outside to pee (although he accidents). My brother and sister-in-law didn't get to leave for Thanksgiving in Boise. Yep, it was truly a blizzard.

Anyways, after it got done snowing and blowing, Tim and I went outside to play in the snow. We shoveled a path for our dog to walk down to where he makes his deposits. We shoveled the snow away from our garage so the plows could push it away. We let our cute dog run and play in the snow. He loves it! Then we took the cruiser out for a drive. We pulled a big dodge truck out of the ditch with the winch. We drove up Smithfield canyon and saw several deer and a skunk...there's a funny story. We were driving down the canyon and I said, "Hey, there's a small animal trying to climb under the fence. Back up!" Tim backed up and we were trying to figure out what this small animal was. We thought it was a skunk or maybe a rabbit or something. It was covered in snow. I rolled down the window to get a better look. That's when it decided to lift it's tail and I said, "It's a skunk! Go! Go! Go!" It was a BEAUTIFUL drive and a really super fun way to end the day.

The next couple of days were super the high was maybe 10. There was no sunshine and the roads were snowpacked and icy with lots of car wrecks. My brother and sister-in-law got in a wreck on the way to Boise for Thanksgiving. They're fine, but it was a little scary...or alot scary if you're driving and you see a semi jack-knifing in your rearview mirror and all of the cars in front of you are sliding sideways down the road.

Thanksgiving with the family was awesome. My dad made the best turkey EVER! The pies turned out pretty good. I think the coconut cream pies were the hits, although Tim, who doesn't like pumpkin pie, really enjoyed the pumpkin chiffon pie. We decorated our Christmas tree and the reindeer herd is out and about in my house. I'll put up pictures of my decorating efforts.

We skipped the black Friday madness and spent the day working on the cruiser. It was super cold, but I'm turning into quite the grease monkey...or wrenching girl. Saturday we spent more time working on the cruiser and then Saturday night was spent watching movies and petting our super cute dog.

It started snowing again Saturday night and snowed all the way into Monday morning. We probably got between 6-10 inches of snow on Sunday. Tim was loving it. We took the dog out to play in the snow again. He loves his festive red coat. We went for another drive up Blacksmith Fork canyon and saw more deer, but no skunks.

Tim is in heaven with all of this snow and he keeps hoping for more. I'm happy to have a happy husband, but I'm also wondering what the rest of winter will bring. We have at least a foot of snow on the ground right now and it's not even December yet.


Laura Wheatley said...

such pretty pictures!!!