04 November 2010

Oh...What Did I Do in the Summertime?

Yep, it's November... I've been incredibly lazy about blogging. Perhaps lazy is the wrong word. Life has been INSANE! But INSANE in a good way. So, in a brief effort to catch up on my blogging, here's my list of summer events.

June 5
~ Ran the Providence 5K with my soon-to-be hubby in matching shirts and a veil and tie.
~ Was sealed to Tim for time and all eternity in the Logan Utah Temple
~ Had the best wedding luau ever in my parents front yard
June 6-10
~ Honeymoon in Park City, Utah
June 18-19
~ Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay - Ran from Logan, Utah back to Park City, Utah with 11 teammates. Had a blast. Hoping to do it again next year.
June 21
~ Tim brought home Kona the great dane. He's amazingly wonderful!
June 28
~ Lagoon with Tim and Rylan
July 3
~ Cache Valley Cruise-In with Tim and the kids
July 5
~ Lewiston 5K with Tim
July 10
~ Volunteered at the Cache Valley Super Sprint and watched Tim finish his second tri
July 22
~ Turned 32 and celebrated with movie night at my parents
July 26
~ Kona started puppy class. We've decided that he should be a visit sick and old people dog, so he's still in training and is doing wonderfully!
August 20-23
~ Zions National Park - Tim hiked the Narrows. I hiked alot of other trails.
August 28
~ Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon
September 10-11
~ Time Out for Women at USU with mom and Aunt LaDawn
September 18
~ TOU Marathon - Tim finished the last 5 miles for me.
September 25
~ Corn Maze with Tim, kids, Travis, John and Kate
October 2 ~ Trip to Rock Springs, Wyoming with Tim and his Dad. 13 hour day to buy a purple jeep (not for us).
October 9
~ Bought a black xterra.
October 16
~ Spent the day working on the black xterra.
October 20
~ Decided to sell the black xterra after discovering it's a complete and total lemon.
October 30
~ Had my first Trick-or-Treaters EVER!

It has definitely been a crazy busy few months, especially when you add in working full time at the nursery for a few weeks, family obligations, and whatever else life seems to throw at you. Tim's job has also been crazy busy so that has added into the fun. However, life is good and wonderful and fun. Oh and yes, I do recognize that September and October are not technically summer, but least the blog is caught up.


Laura Wheatley said...

Yay! Congrats on a new chapter of life!!

Can't wait to hear more from you! :)

Visit Park City said...

Thanks for spending the honeymoon with us! We hope it was wonderful for you both. Come see us again soon, visit for 'Hot Deals' and events. We hope to see you soon.

Barb said...

Gotta love busy "summers". Thanks for the update.