25 January 2010

Wedding Planning

So, there's 131 days left until the wedding and I'm actually feeling pretty good about the progress we're making in the planning department. In fact, while I hesitate to stay this, I think we're just working on the last nitty gritty details.

I have the dress and I ordered the shoes today. I have the hair and makeup appointments. I'm getting my hair and makeup done at Serendipity Salon in Logan, UT. Kenia Ann will be doing my hair and Ursula will be doing my makeup. I have most of my jewelry, although I'm still looking for a brooch. Tim and I have our wedding bands, so that is all set. We're still debating about what he'll wear, but I'm guessing by March we'll have that figured out. We have a photographer and I'm super excited about that. We're using Chris Wood from Robert Wood Photography and I know he's going to do an outstanding job. My dad is catering the food for the wedding, so that's taken care of. My mom and I met with Jamie Wilde, who's doing our flowers and I know she'll do fantastic! We have a DJ, Barry Squires and we're working on getting our rental stuff squared away.

Tim and I are done registering too. Everyone said that would be fun, but we didn't find it to be super fun. In fact, it was mostly a pain in the bum. However, it's done and we're registered at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kitchen Kneads. We are almost done with the announcement/invitation stuff and I'm feeling like things are totally coming together.

So, that's where we're at with the wedding planning. I'm excited and I really hope that the next 131 days fly by!


The Wilks Family said...

Good job!! That's the best way to be, relaxed and happy...that way you can enjoy your day!