13 April 2009

Week 13 Training - Boise 1/2IM

April 13, 2009 - REST
This turned into an unplanned rest day. I had my swim bag ready to go, but when I got to work it was raining and blowing so hard that when I pulled out the umbrella, it blew inside out three times before I walked away from the car. The umbrella almost got thrown. Anyways, I decided that I was not going to get soaked, fighting an umbrella and walking across campus to the pool.

April 14, 2009 -SWIM + BIKE
2800 yds. - This swim was tough. The warm up took 20 minutes and I felt like I was swimming in mud. It was lots of intervals and sprints and I never did get feeling good in the water. Oh's done.
1:20 LT ride - This was a hot, hard, sweaty, challenging workout. 15 min. at lactate threshold is hard. Doing it three times is even harder. However, knowing that I'll be ready for Boise makes this workout well worth doing.

April 15, 2009 - SWIM + YOGA
2000 yds. - It was so nice to have a shorter swim workout today. I was done in 48 min and that was with lots of drills so yay! My legs are definitely tired today, but no worries. I sure hope that I get to ride outside tomorrow.
Yoga was tough last night. I was tired and I struggled from the very beginning. My body is definitely tight and in need of some bodywork. The balance poses were very funny because mostly I just watched.
**I found out today that my iron levels are low...maybe that's why I've been dragging.

April 16, 2009 - SWIM + BRICK
2700 yds. - This workout went really well. I was definitely tired in the pool, but the water finally felt slippery and I felt like I was moving quickly. I did the workout in 56:57, so I'll take it. I'm really looking forward to riding outside today.
2:30 ride with big gear work + 30 min. easy run - I was so excited to be able to ride outside today. I actually left work early so that I could enjoy the sunshine. I rode for 2:35, but didn't really mess with the big gear work because I was dealing with a nasty crosswind and headwind sometimes. After my ride, I racked my bike and changed my shoes and was out for my 30 min. run. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

April 17, 2009 - REST
This was not a planned rest day, but apparently my brick workout took more out of me than expected. I was super tired all day at work and had a really great headache going on when I got home, so I spent the evening relaxing instead of doing my long run.

April 18, 2009 - RUN
90 min run with long intervals - I still wasn't feeling great for this workout, but decided I would run with the team and at least get my 45 min run done. However, once I got going I gradually started feeling better. I ran out for 50 min and then headed back in for a 6 min. negative split. By the time I finished I was feeling really good.

April 19, 2009 - RUN
45 min. run - I sort of had to talk myself into this run mostly because it was raining outside, but I guess I picked the right time to go because it only misted for the first half and then rained lightly for the second half of the run. So, I finished my 12 week of not missing any workouts. I wonder how long this will last.