13 April 2009

Happy Easter! Part 2

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. I was looking forward to a sunny day that would include Reese's peanut butter eggs (my very most fav candy), church, some laying on the couch movie watching, dinner with friends, and The Amazing Race. I should know not to expect my days to turn out as planned...especially since I seriously have the best luck in the world.

I woke up around 7am, made my spinach artichoke dip for dinner, grabbed a shower and got ready for church. I usually enjoy church on Easter so I was looking forward to going and I was also glad that it was warm enough to wear my spring-y skirts. I headed out the door and drove over to the church only to discover there was no one there. What the heck!? No church? Then I remembered it was stake conference and that it was starting when I had made plans to eat dinner with friends. Darn Easter church... So, I headed home.

I arrived home and changed clothes and spent some time on the couch with a book. I cooked my spinach artichoke dip, considered cutting up my strawberries and veggies, but instead proceeded to eat lots and lots of Reese's peanut butter eggs. I decided to just finish off the bag because I certainly don't need them lying around the house. I also ate some turkey jerky to offset the sweetness of the eggs. Anyways, it was time to head over to the McLoda's for Easter dinner, so I loaded up my 7 layer dip, chips, and spinach artichoke dip and headed out.

While I was on my way there, I noticed I had a voice mail, so I listened and it was from Casey's Flower Shop. They wanted to deliver me some flowers. I was totally puzzled...who would send me flowers? Why would anyone send me flowers? Really?! So, I drove over to Casey's to pick up my flowers and I also called my mom to see if she by chance sent me flowers. Of course not... I arrived at Casey's and asked who they were from. They said they were from me. Me? Why would I order myself a huge vase full of long stemmed roses and baby's breath (I hate baby's breath)? Why would I do that? So, I asked where the order came from and they said FTD. I asked them to call and see if they could find out who ordered the flowers. They asked if I had a secret admirer. I looked at them with my did you really just say that face. I said, "Well, I hope not because secret admirers are just creepy." They asked if I had a special someone who would send me flowers and of course got the same look. Me...yeah...right. They did and discovered that I had ordered the flowers. I explained that I had not, in fact, ordered myself flowers so after a long discussion with FTD, they said it was a fraudulent order.

Great...that's just great. Someone has my credit card and is ordering flowers. So, I call my mom back and tell her who sent me flowers. I headed over to the McLodas and oh by the way, did I mention that I'm now transporting a huge vase full of a dozen long stemmed roses. My car smells like spinach and artichoke dip and roses. I arrive at the McLodas and haul in the stupid flowers and then go back out to get the food. Everyone is like "Wow...where did you get the flowers?" Of course, I'm totally cranky at this point because I have to call my credit card companies and find out what's going on. Ha ha... Happy Easter AJ!

Now, I should mention that some how, last week, I ended up on a call list. I have been getting at least 20 phone calls a day from all over the country asking me about health insurance and alarm systems and all sorts of random stuff. The best call was someone calling to confirm my order of a 6'5" 210 lb military man. Yes, apparently you can in fact order a man over the internet. Who knew?! I had no idea you could make a specific checklist and then order this man online.

Well, I called my credit card company and a woman said, "Well, it looks like there's been some fraudulent activity on your account." Really? I had no idea. I said, "Yes, I would like to cancel my card." She proceeded to talk to me about all of the random charges that had showed up, like say, ordering a man for instance. We got all of that straightened out and I have a new card on the way to me and a dozen red long stemmed roses. Yeah...welcome to my life.

Of course, this couldn't be the end of my Easter adventures. I headed back in to the house and we all laughed about AJ's funny life. Hey, maybe I should write a book about this. Well, it was time to start cooking. We were having filets, cheesy potatoes, fried okra, banana cream pie, and some other random stuff. The steaks were on the grill, the potatoes and rolls were in the oven, the oil was heating up for the okra. The okra was poured in to the oil. The oil overflowed all over the stove and down the stove door, and on to the floor and just kept flowing and flowing out of the pan. I decided to leave the room at this point...came back in, there was a fire, left again...and then came back after the kitchen fire was out. Yes, there was actually fire! On Easter!

So, now we have peanut oil everywhere, smoke, steaks overcooking on the grill, and I can't stop laughing. Welcome to my life...why! We ate dinner and decided that perhaps the next holiday that I'm at their house, we should order pizza. I should mention that my 7 layer dip and other food turned out great! Dinner was delicious...even if the steaks were a bit overcooked, but only because I like my steaks nice and bloody (thanks Dad!).

Yes, this is how I spent my Easter...dealing with credit card fraud, stupid roses, kitchen fires, and good fun! I wonder what will happen at the birthday party next week.


See You at the Finish Line said...

Wow! My sides hurt from laughing. Who knew there was time on Easter to fit in so many misadventures. Look at the bright side, there has not been one fire when you've had dinner at our house. :)

Barb said...

Oh my goodness.....a whole life time of experiences were packed into just one day. Now I'm wondering how I can order a 6'5" GI?

Stacey said...

Sounds like a very adventerous day!!! Hope you still had a Happy Easter.

Carolyn said...

OMG...too funny, seriously you should have told them to send you the man you ordered, we could have checked him out and then sent him back as a return! I really think you should spend next Easter with me and Danny...what a hoot!

Sarah said...

Birthday party? Happy Day! Are you planning on ordering out? =)

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, maybe the 6'5 man ordered the flowers and it's all connected . . . ?