16 March 2009

Remember, You're Making Dreams Come True Today

During the Princess 1/2 Marathon, I was running through the back entrance of Magic Kingdom, and I passed the cast member entrance. Above it was a sign that said something like, "Remember, you're making dreams come true today." I'm fairly certain I've passed this sign at least 5 times before, and I think my friend Sherry even mentioned it to me. However, before that day, I'd never given it any thought.

Because I'd already had my "Am I a Princess?" internal dialogue, I decided to give this thought some thought. What an incredible way to start the day...seeing a sign that reminds you that your job is changing someone's world. What can be more powerful than helping someone's dreams come true?

At ISU, I don't see a sign that says anything about dreams when I arrive to work. I do remember that "Gladly we Teach and Learn" is on our seal. I realize that when I gladly teach my students, I might be playing a very small role in helping to make their dreams come true.

I guess the bottom line is that each and every day, we have the opportunity to impact all of those around us. Are we going to have a positive impact and perhaps contribute to helping to make a difference in a very small way? Or, are we going to go about our days leaving no splash or impact. Perhaps we all need a sign for when we leave our home that we can make dreams come true.