16 March 2009

Magic Kingdom - March 8, 2009

After the 1/2 marathon, Katie and I vegged, rested, and then headed off to Magic Kingdom. I soaked my legs in cold water after the race and I propped them up on the wall for 30 minutes, so I felt like they might be ready to handle some walking around. We arrived at Magic Kingdom and picked up Katie's "1st Visit" pin. We decided to watch the parade since we only had to wait about 15 minutes before it started. The theme of the parade was "Celebrate Today" which I'll write about later. I will admit that I had the urge to mock the guys in white suits with silver shoes.

After the parade, we headed over to eat some yummy refreshing Dole pineapple ice cream, and then decided to check out the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. Whoever thought stairs after a race is a good idea is not very smart. We waited in line for an hour to go on the Jungle tour which made our decision to use the fast pass liberally. We went on Pirates of the Carribean which is always a good ride. When we came out of the ride, Captain Hook and Smee were there, so we took our first character picture.

We headed to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, grabbed a fast pass and then went over to the Haunted Mansion. We were both starving so while we were in line for the Haunted Mansion we made our plans for the rest of the evening. After Big Thunder Mountain we headed to dinner. I ate fried...I'm not even sure what it was...just fried.

We headed to Toontown to meet Mickey and Minnie. Minnie was very impressed with our medals and made us do a running pose in the picture. Do you know how hard it is to balance on one leg after running a 1/2 marathon and walking around Magic Kingdom? We met and took pictures with the princesses. This just reaffirmed my whole am I a princess answer.

After the character pictures, it was dark. We wanted to ride Space Mountain, so we headed over to Futureland. We waited a long time because someone barfed and they had to do a cleanup. Space Mountain is one of my favorite rides and is definitely worth the wait. We decided to ride it again and skip the fireworks. During the second wait, there was a rotten kid that kicked me in my very sore calves about 17 times. I was not happy about that. The ride was awesome and when we finished, we decided to be done for the day and head back to the condo.