08 June 2008

Week 12 Utah 1/2 IM Training

After last week's really awful training, my goal this week is to not miss any of my workouts. I have a massage scheduled on Monday afternoon, which I'm hoping will get rid of all of the kinks and knots and soreness I'm carrying around in my shoulders and legs. Another goal this week is to absorb my training and my training plan says that I should be doing an tune-up sprint tri this weekend, but I'm doing my first Olympic distance tri instead. I'm also hoping to get out to the lake a couple of times this week to do a couple of OW swims. The water temp. at the lake next Saturday will be in the upper 50s or low 60s, so I need to at least know what that will feel like.

June 9, 2008

MASSAGE - I just finished my two hour long massage and while I feel like I've been beaten with a tree stump. However, my shoulders are loose, my IT bands feel good, my lower back has relaxed and my neck feels fabulous. This was definitely a great way to start off the recovery week.

June 10, 2008

RUN - Well, I just finished this workout and it actually went well. I wore my new shoes and determined that I need to adjust the laces in the left shoe. I think I ended up doing 4.1 miles in the 38 min, which I'll take. My intervals were all at 8mph, except I did 2 at 8.3mph, 1 at 8.5mph, and two at 9mph, so I think my speed is improving. I changed the battery in my HR monitor, but I still had some issues with it. For some reason, the monitor doesn't really notice my HR rising during the first 5-7 min of the workout. Anyways, my average HR was 162 and I burned 665 calories.

Lactate intervals 18x30 s. (38 min.) - 30 s. intervals run at VO2 max intensity with active recoveries equal to intervals in duration; warm up and cooldown long enough to reach total time

BIKE - I skipped this workout last night.

Lactate intervals 4x3 min. (1 h. 15 m.) - 3 min. intervals at VO2 max intensity with 3 min. active recoveries; warm-up and cooldown long enough to reach total time

June 11, 2008

SWIM - I skipped this workout this morning.

Warm-up (300), Drill set (8x25), Base intervals (6x100), Lactate intervals (7x75, 45 s. rest), Cooldown (300) - Total 1925 yds.

BIKE - I skipped this workout too.

Foundation ride (1 h. 30 m.) Steady ride at moderate aerobic intensity

June 12, 2008

SWIM - I didn't make it to the pool this morning and this week has turned into a disaster as far as training goes. I was reading something in Triathlete magazine that mentioned that in the middle of a training program, triathletes usually get a little burned out or bored with their workouts and that really resonated with me. So, I figure that I'll get through the rest of this week and the race on Saturday and do some evaluating of what I can change, especially since I'll be out of town next week. I am planning on an OW swim tonight, regardless of the weather or water temp, so that may a good time to get at least one swim in before Saturday.

Warm-up (300), Drill set (8x25), Threshold intervals (5x200, 45 s. rest), Kick set (8x25), Cooldown (300) - Total 2000 yds.

RUN - Foundation run (45 min.) + Strides (4x20 s.)

June 13, 2008

BIKE - Recovery Ride (20 min.) - Steady ride at recovery intensity

June 14, 2008

BATTLE AT MIDWAY TRIATHLON - SWIM 1500 m. - BIKE 22.9 miles - RUN - 5.92 miles