09 June 2008

Goals for BAM Triathlon

Last night, I realized that I hadn't put any goals out there for the Battle at Midway Tri on Saturday, so I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to accomplish. I haven't done a triathlon this long before, so it was a little tricky to think about time goals and that sort of thing, but I think I've come up with a few. So, here goes...

1. Finish the race feeling good with a smile on my face.
2. Push myself on the bike, knowing that the hills at the end will be tough.
3. Run the entire run course.
4. Not freak out during the swim.
5. Coast through transitions.
6. Finish somewhere in the middle of my age group, if not higher.

Oh, and I guess I should mention my time goals. I'm going a little conservative here, since I'm not really sure what to expect with the freezing cold open water swim and the hilly bike course. The run is also hilly, but I dig hills on the run, so I'm looking forward to that part.

Swim - 32:00
T1 - 2:30
Bike - 1:20:00
T2 - 1:30
Run - 55:00
Total time - 2:51:00