20 June 2008

Cache Valley Classic Pre-Race

I'm sitting on a plane, flying back to Utah, after spending the last 5 days in 4 states, 3 hotels, 4 planes, a taxi, a train, a bus, and a rental car. Oh, and I got three hourse of sleep last night, so as I sit here, thinking about the race tomorrow, I'm a little surprised about the lack of thoughts, goals, plans, anxiety, etc. that I have about this race. This is an interesting dilemma for me and I'm actually pretty interested to see how this frame of mind works out for the race tomorrow.

I haven't swam since my open water swim at the race last Saturday. I haven't been on a bike since the race last Saturday. I did run 4 miles on Wednesday around the Arch in St. Louis. Oh, I ran in my 3" heels at the airport on Tuesday night. I walked around the St. Louis Zoo on Wednesday and I spent 5 hours on my feet walking through the exhibit hall yesterday and mostly spent way too much time sitting, so tomorrow will definitely be interesting.

I really don't have any big goals for the race tomorrow other than being faster than I was last year. My time last year was 1:42:50, so I'm pretty sure that I can beat that. The swim is only 750 m. which will be nice. I know the bike and run course and I know that I can take quite a bit of time off of my bike. I would like to reduce my freak out time in the water, so I'm kinda wanting to settle in nice and quick and just push through my anxiety and get into my groove.

So, I guess I'm feeling fairly zen about this race and it will be interesting to see how the lack of training the last 3 weeks will effect my performance. That does remind me...I'm actually looking forward to getting back into my regular training habits. I think that this break has definitely been good for the body and soul.