28 July 2009

This is the Race 5K Race Report

On July 18, my mom and I decided to do the Hyde Park, "This is the Race 5K" in honor of the local celebration for Pioneer Day. We woke up around 6am and then drove 10 minutes up the road and picked up our race t-shirts and numbers. I was doing a triathlon right after the race, so I planned on taking it easy and running with my mom. At the park, there was a man singing really twangy country music...he actually sounded good, especially if you like twangy country music.

This was a pretty low key race, so we all lined up at the start and the guy said "Go" and we were off. My mom has been struggling with starting off too fast, so I purposefully started off slow to keep her going slower. The first mile went fine and then we turned the corner and started heading uphill. It was a LONG (like a mile long) hill and my mom sure hates hills, but she definitely kept going. When we got to the top of the hill, the theme from "Rocky" was playing and that totally cracked me up. I stopped and waited for my mom and then we headed back towards the finish line. I wasn't running for time and I don't think my mom was running for time, so when we crossed the finish line, I didn't even glance at my watch.

My mom stuck around after the race for snacks and the prizes, but I had to head over to the aquatic center for my triathlon. The race was definitely fun and I will probably do it again next year.