28 July 2009

Cache Valley Super Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Ok, I'm a little behind on my blog, but I do need get my race reports done, so here goes. Back on July 18, Tim and I completed the Cache Valley Super Sprint Triathlon. This was Tim's first triathlon so it was a pretty big day. I started off the day in Hyde Park doing the "This is the Race 5K" with my mom. I guess I need to do a separate race report for that race. Anyways, I met Tim at the Logan Aquatic Center and started setting up my transition area.

There was a new race director this year so there were some differences from last year, so transition was a bit different. I set up my area and then checked out Tim's area and he had everything good to go. The guy next to me in transition had a blue balloon tied to his spot, so it was totally easy to find my spot. After we got body marked, we did loaded up the sunscreen, especially since the temperature was supposed to be 100 for the day. Then, we just wandered around.

The race was a pool swim with each racer leaving 5 seconds after the previous racer. I got in line and was off for my swim. I actually felt great in the water and had a good swim time. I was actually out of the water before Tim got in the water. T1 was totally uneventful.

I headed out on the bike and my legs felt awful. My quads were cramping and I was just not feeling it...however, I had a big smile on my face. At the turnaround on the bike, I started feeling good so I decided to hammer. I started passing people and was having a great time. Of course, I forgot to start my bike computer, so I really didn't know how far I was from the finish. I did pass Tim and he looked like he was having a blast. I hammered and actually passed another rider right before transition. T2 was quick and also uneventful.

The run didn't go well. My legs were trashed and I was hot. Once I got to the shady part of the course I started to feel like I was in my groove. However, I noticed a woman (nonracer) with a significant limp and thought to myself "she's going to fall". I kept running and hit the turnaround and started to pick up the pace. Up ahead I noticed a commotion and yep, the woman with the limp fell down. I ran up to her along with 2 other women. She had hit her head and busted it open, and since it was a facial wound it was gushing. I sent a woman up to the aid station to have them call 911. The other girl and I helped her sit down. She called her daughter and I explained that she was going to need stitches. She started crying and said, "I don't have time for stitches, I want to go to the opera tonight." In my head, I said, "WHY?!!!?" Anyways, finally someone got there to help so I headed off to finish my run.

In my head I had sort of set a goal to finish under 1:30, but because of my first aid stop I didn't hit the goal. I did pass Tim and he was having a great run. My mom was at the finish line and I crossed and then grabbed my camera to get some pictures of Tim. He finished nice and strong and had a smile on his face, so I figured that he must have had a good time.

We talked to my mom for a few minutes and then headed over to transition to get our stuff together. I was starving and was definitely looking forward to feeding. Tim wasn't hungry at all...lucky guy. We loaded up our stuff and sat around and talked and then it was time to go home. However, I will say that this will not be the last race that Tim and I do together. He loved it and is already looking for another tri to do this season!


Barb said...

What a good Samaritan. Glad Tim enjoyed the experience.