30 June 2009

Sunday Drives

On Sunday afternoon, Tim and I decided to take a Sunday Drive up to Old Ephraim's Grave. Old Ephraim was an 1,100-pound beast was the last grizzly bear known to roam Utah. There is a gigantic 11-foot stone monument that marks Ephraim's 1923 gravesite so we decided to drive up there.

We came to a T in the trail and Tim was certain we needed to go right. The signs and the map said we should turn left. I decided to pull rank as navigator and made the decision to turn left.

We made it to the monument and took a few pictures, fed a chipmunk, and listened to this little bird fly around that made a really funny whirring noise with his wings.

Then we headed down the trail and ran into a cowboy herding his cows down the canyon. We successfully avoided hitting any cows and stopped for one more picture op.

It was definitely a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I'm so glad that I'm in Utah for the summer and I'm able to spend so much time in the mountains. There is a peace that comes from enjoying and admiring God's creations.


Barb said...

So my question you bring along your own cameraman, or does Tim have just very long arms?