26 June 2009

Shootin in Newton

Sometimes on a Friday night, you find a really great guy to take you on a really fun date. Sometimes that date includes many guns and dinner at a great local restaurant. Sometimes you even get to take pictures that you never in your life expected to take. So, here's the story of my Friday evening.

When Tim came over this afternoon, we were planning on helping my brother with a landscaping job. However, Travis didn't need our help so we ended up heading over to Newton to do some shooting. I've grown up around guns, but have never really shot them, but Tim has decided that I need to be introduced to the wonderful world of shooting. A few weeks ago, I shot a .22 pistol and kept my eyes closed the entire time. In fact, I think he was actually squeezing the trigger and I was just sort of holding the gun. Last week, I shot a .40 and hit a glass bottle on the first try. Of course, Tim and I both were like NO WAY. Apparently, he decided to see if that shot was a fluke, so that was the plan for tonight.

First, we started off with a lesson on loading clips. This was fairly straightforward. I also got to put on the goofy looking ear muff protector type thingys.

Next, I got to shoot the Ruger Mark II .22 pistol. I was supposed to aim at the pink rock on the hill side. I actually hit it! I even hit some other stuff as well.

Next, I got to shoot a Colt 1903 .32 pistol. I actually struggled quite a bit with the sights on this gun so I didn't have as much fun shooting it. I did hit stuff, but not as well as with other guns.

Next, I got to shoot the Springfield XDM .40 pistol. This was my favorite gun! I actually hit a jug at 25-30 yds and was having a blast with this gun!

Next, Tim wanted me to shoot a .22 rifle, but my arms were tired and I was having a hard time sighting because my left arm was shaking too much. I don't think we took a picture of that one.

Finally, I got to shoot the Colt AR-15. Yeah...who knew that I would ever shoot this gun. I didn't even have to aim. I just squeezed the trigger fast.

Tim did get to shoot as well. Of course, he is a much better shot than I am and can even shoot with both eyes open and with one hand. Maybe someday I'll be that good.

Oh and I had to do some posing with the guns because hey, that's just fun. So, I went shootin in Newton tonight and had a blast! I can't wait to go again!


Stacey said...

yowsers!!! Look at you looking all GI Jane!!! Looks fun!