02 June 2009

The Mountains

A lot of people wonder why I spend my summers in Utah. Of course being with family is one of my favorite reasons, but the other one is that I get to spend some time in the mountains. I'm a mountain kind of girl. The mountains bring me joy and peace and energy and they center me!

Over the past few weeks I've had the opportunity to spend some time in the mountains with my new friend Tim. We've gone hiking in Green Canyon.

We spent Sunday afternoon up Smithfield canyon having a picnic with his kids.

I have big plans to spend lots more time in the mountains over the next 2 months. I'm hoping that will give me the inspiration and energy to head back to IL in August.


Sarah said...

I already saw the first pic, and it's cute; but the second pic is super cute. You look so content. I hope these next 2 months bring much more joy than you are anticipating!

Barb said...

Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy...and it looks like you already are. Hike a mountain for me.

Stacey said...

Tim's a cutie!!! Looks like you are having a blast!!!