17 October 2011

Monday Morning Mountain Drive

This morning, Tim asked me if I wanted to take a drive into the mountains. I said of course, so off we went in the Cruiser. We started off at Nyla's Chevron getting gas for the Cruiser and breakfast for us. I was in charge of breakfast, so I picked breakfast burritos over convenience store food. I picked WRONG! The burritos were neither of us could choke them down. I guess you could say that we ended up having big drinks for breakfast.

After that nastiness, we headed up Blacksmith Fork Canyon. I wish that I would have taken pictures because it was GORGEOUS! There was so much color. I'm actually thinking that I may have to drive up there again tomorrow just to take some pictures. We passed Hardware Ranch and headed up a dirt road. It was muddy, but not too bad. However, as we climbed higher, it got muddier. We even got to pull off the road for a truck to slide down (literally, slide down) the road. I guess that's what happens to Ford trucks in the mountains...

I'm definitely not mocking because Tim and I did our fair share of sliding. In fact, at one point, after I spilled my big drink, he told me it was time for me to get out. I should probably mention that I did not plan on getting out of the Cruiser, so I was wearing my Chacos. He handed me my big yummy Diet Coke and proceeded to slide down the mountain. Instead of sliding, I got to walk/slide/muck/skid/skate down the muddy, mucky mess in my sandals. I even walked out of my sandals a couple of times. Oh, and I had to dump my big yummy Diet Coke out because I figured it would be better to make it down the hill without 64 oz of Diet Coke spilled over me. When Tim got down the mountain, he hopped out of the Cruiser and decided to take my pictures. I'm pretty sure that I had at least an inch of mud on the bottom of my shoes.

Once we got out of the mud, sort of, we were on a super rocky road, so Tim asked me to hop out and "air down" the tires. This is why I'm called his tech assistant.
On with the ride...we continued driving along and ended up in the pines and snow. Yes, I still had sandals on with a bunch of mud on the bottom of them. I no longer had my big yummy Diet Coke. But, I was having the time of my life. Tim kept driving through the huge mud puddles, which make the coolest sound, and I love watching the "car wash effect." I'm pretty sure he kept doing that because I couldn't stop giggling when he would do it.

We ended up our drive coming out at the Bear Lake Summit. Then, we headed down Logan Canyon, which was absolutely gorgeous, although not as colorful as Blacksmith Fork Canyon.

After we came out of the canyon, it was off to the car wash. The Cruiser must remain clean and sharp looking in the drive way, so Tim spent about 30 minutes spraying the mud off his baby. It was super duper muddy!

He also washed my Chacos for me because I was still walking around with an inch of mud on the bottom of them.

What a fantastic way to spend a Monday morning! I have the best husband in the world. Oh and I guess this will probably be our last off road mountain drive until the roads open up in the spring so that made it even better!