23 October 2011

Little Bear Bottoms Corn Maze

At the beginning of the month, Kyra and I got to go to Little Bear Bottoms Corn Maze with the young women and young men from our ward.  We had fun...mucking around in ankle deep mud...but Rylan was very sad because he wasn't old enough to go.  So, since we didn't have plans last night, we decided to take the kids and their friends to the corn maze.

Rylan loves going to Little Bear Bottoms Corn Maze, I think mostly because of the big giant hay bale maze. This is actually a picture from their website.  I didn't think to take one last night.  Tim tried to get me to go inside.  I think I made it in about 3 feet before I was on my way out.  Apparently, I do not do big giant straw forts.  I'm WAY too claustrophobic.  Tim also says this explains my aversion to long-term snuggle time.  Perhaps he's right?!

This is a great place to take kids because there's alot of stuff to do.  Besides the straw fort, there is a string maze.  Kyra said that the string maze is where you get to look like an idiot in front of everyone.  I guess my friend Andrea's daughter totally clotheslined herself when they did the string maze last week.  I haven't tried it but it does look fun.

Tim and I headed into the corn maze with Rylan and Tyce.  I should probably mention there are two mazes...a long one and a short one.  I should also mention that I had never exited a corn maze at the exit so I was just planning on wandering through the corn.  When we did this activity with the young men and young women, the girls said you just take every left and you'll come out in the end.  So, that was my plan.  The boys decided they always wanted to choose the right, so we quickly lost them.
We proceeded to walk and walk for quite maybe 2 miles or so.  Oh and I thought, hey, let's take some pictures.  Here's what I learned about taking pictures in a pitch black corn maze with my husband.

Apparently, it's very tricky to get your husband to be serious while taking pictures in the pitch black dark.

After we made it out of the corn maze...yes, my first time ever exiting the exit of a corn maze, Tim and I went over to sit on a hay bale and watch Ichabod Crane and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  I was entertained and actually laughed out loud a few times.  That movie is definitely a Halloween classic.

Once the movie was over, Tim and I headed over to the fire and stayed warm while the kids finished up their stuff.  I would definitely recommend this corn maze as a great place to take your family.  There's lots to do.  There are also several interesting conversations you will here.  Oh, and they have a haunted river trail and a haunted tractor ride.  I still haven't done those yet, but maybe next year.  I guess this has become a new family tradition.


Barb said...

Never been through a corn maze...I'd for sure get lost! But it sounds like a fun time for kids.

Barb said...

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I love your pics...especially the silly ones! :)