09 October 2009

Dog Washing

Yesterday morning I got to work and received this e-mail from my mom.


Just wondering if you could take Simon and Sassy for a bath today? They both smell like SKUNK!!!! Simon has a tummy ache and so Dad let them both out for approximately 5 minutes and they came back with THE SMELL.


For whatever reason, Naughty Simon and Sassy Mavis love rolling on dead skunks. Why?! Who knows?!

Well, since I'm in IL, I told my mom that maybe Tim, my wonderful fiance, would be willing to drive Simon and Sassy in the weiner truck. When I talked to Tim yesterday, I asked him if he would be willing to do me a favor. He said, "sure" and then he discovered what the favor was and he was definitely unsure. However, because he's such a fantastic terrific guy, he agreed.

So, yesterday, he met my mom at the vet's office and was greeted by this.

How could that sight not totally make you grin?!

Sassy loves to get bathed so she was definitely looking forward to getting out of the truck and into the lovely walk-in bathtub. Simon, on the other hand, was ready to run around and Tim was the lucky person who got to be dragged around while Simon peed on every bush and sniffed the grass and as Tim said "was very hyper."

Apparently, Naughty Simon got to have his bath first. Of course, this was after my mom discovered that he didn't smell much like skunk. Simon is not fond of baths, which I'm sure you can see from the expression on his face. He is always a bit apprehensive of the walk-in tub.

Small edit: After Tim read the blog he said that the look on Simon's face is very similar to the look on my face when I'm wet.
But he was definitely happy when he was done, as you can see by the rapid tail movement.
Sassy is a much more experienced bather and she LOVES to have baths. She actually prances up the ramp into the tub. You can see from her expression that she is in blissful heaven.
Because Tim is making such an effort to become a dog person, he wanted his dog washing moment captured for posterity. Sassy must have got water in her ears because she doesn't look like she's enjoying her bath quite as much.
While Tim was washing Sassy, my mom was drying Simon, who hates to be dried, so he ended up in the kennel while they finished up with Sassy.
Sassy got to enjoy her favorite part of getting a bath, which is the drying part. She will literally stand in the bathroom while you dry your hair and wait to get blown on...weirdo.
I've decided that Tim must really love me because he is willing to bathe dogs and be dragged around with a leash and then actually let me post a story about it. Someday he'll be a true dog person...or at least tolerant enough to let me love them!


Marshell said...

He is a much better person than I...sorry, but I'll never wash your dogs! He must love you a lot!!!

The Wilks Family said...

What a catch AJ! Hang onto him! Hope your wedding plans are going well. Time seems to slow down when you're engaged...but I hope you're enjoying it. Say hi to your family. That dog of yours is so funny. I remember when she stayed in our apartment and kept you up all night!