09 August 2008

Week 21 1/2 IM Training

I'll be in IL for this training week, so I'm hoping to get back into my training groove. The goal this week is to finish the long swim, ride, and run this week feeling good and strong.

August 10, 2008


August 11, 2008

BIKE - Tempo ride (28 min) - Total ride 1 h. 20 m.

This workout didn't get done because I ran out of time (I didn't get home until 10pm and still had to unpack).

August 12, 2008

SWIM - Warmup (300), Drill set (8x25), Base intervals (6x100), Lactate intervals (6x150, 45 s. rest), Kick set (8x25), Cooldown 300 - Total 2500 yds.

RUN - Tempo run (22 min) - Total run 42 min.

I didn't get these workouts done because I worked and then ended up not getting home again until 9pm. Note to self: Do training in the morning...

August 13, 2008

BIKE - Foundation ride (2 h.)

Last night, I went to the Tri-Shark WOWS (Wednesday Open Water Swims) and actually had my first OW swim with no freaking out at all. None. I was completely calm the entire time I was in the water and I ended up swimming 3 loops or 1800 yards. I'm quite proud of myself on this and am still doing the happy dance in my head. I got home, put the bike on the trainer and rode for 30 minutes before I started to have some serious cramps in my legs and foot. I got off, stretched, and tried again, but it wasn't happening. Apparently, I'm not as hydrated as well as I should be and I probably need to take a look at what I'm eating.

August 14, 2008

SWIM - Warmup (300), Drill set (8x25), Threshold intervals (3x400, 1:15 sec. rest), Sprint intervals (6x50, 20 s. rest), Kick set (8x25), Cooldown (300) - Total 2500 yds.

RUN - Long run (1 h. 5 m.) + Strides (4x20 s.)

I didn't work out this day. I was in meetings all day and then attended a birthday dinner for a friend.

August 15, 2008

SWIM - Warmup (300), Base intervals (2400), Cooldown (300) - Total 3000

I didn't get this done either...for no reason other than being mentally tired.

August 16, 2008

RUN - Long run (2 h.)

I completed this workout on Saturday morning with Team in Training. Actually I only did 1:45 and ran 10 miles so it worked out.

August 17, 2008

BIKE - Long ride (3 h. 30 m.)

I completed this workout yesterday morning and my legs were toast. I did thoroughly enjoy myself and am looking forward to some more longer rides. Nutrition went well and fluids were okay. I need to remember to drink more.