13 July 2008

Week 17 Utah 1/2 IM Training

The goal this week is to finish strong with long ride, swim and run. Because I'm traveling to Hawaii this week and I'm not sure of the biking or swimming situation, I frontloaded my week with my swim workouts, as well as a couple of important bike workouts. I had thought about doing the Tinman Triathlon in Honolulu on Sunday, but after looking at cost, luggage issues, timing, ocean open water swim, etc, I decided that it would probably be in my best interest to skip that race so that I can head into the 1/2 IM feeling confident.

July 14, 2008

SWIM - Well, I slept through my alarm this morning and missed this workout. I'm thinking that I may be able to get one of my swim workouts done in the ocean this weekend, so we'll see...

Warmup (300), Drill set (8x25), Base intervals (6x100), Lactate intervals (6x150, 1 m. 15 s. rest), Kick set (8x25), Cooldown (300) - Total 2500 yds.

BIKE - After I lost my lunch, I decided that getting on the bike, feeling nauseated, probably wouldn't be the best way to spend my evening, so no workouts for me today.

Tempo ride 28 min. (1 h. 20 m.) - One block of riding at threshold intensity; warmup and cooldown long enough to reach total time.

July 15, 2008

I woke up this morning still feeling ill, so another rest day for me. This isn't how training should be going at this point.

SWIM - Warmup (300), Drill set (8x25), Threshold intervals (3x400, 1 m. 15 s. rest), Sprint intervals (6x50, 20 s. rest), Kick set (8x25), Cooldown (300) - Total 2500 yds.

BIKE - Long ride (3 h. 45 m.) - Long steady ride at moderate aerobic intensity.

July 16, 2008

I'm still dealing with some residual nausea and headache, so today was another rest day.

SWIM - Warmup (300), Base intervals (2400), Cooldown (300) - Total 3000 yds.

July 17, 2008

Another day of feeling sick...I've decided that tomorrow I'm just going to workout regardless of how I'm feeling.

BIKE - Foundation ride (2 h.) - Steady ride at moderate aerobic intensity.

RUN - Tempo run 22 min. (42 min.) - steady run at threshold intensity; warmup and cooldown long enough to reach total time.

July 18, 2008

RUN - I actually got this run done today...along the lagoons and coast of the beautiful Koolina resort. Gotta love running in Hawaii! It was sunny and little drops of rain falling, breezy and perfectly humid and wonderful. I did manage to get 2 more blisters on my heels, but I'm sure a dip in the ocean will take care of that.

Long run (1 h. 5 m.) + Strides (4x20 s.)

July 19, 2008

RUN - Long run (2 h.)

July 20, 2008



See You at the Finish Line said...

Hi AJ,
I thought you sounded a little "off" when we talked yesterday. Interesting that you failed to mention you were sick. :)

Feel better soon!