26 April 2008

Week 6 Utah 1/2 IM Training

I've been working on rearranging my training schedule this week because of the Indy Mini 1/2 Marathon on Saturday. I'm hoping to use some of my lessons from the St. Louis 1/2 marathon this week, so hopefully, I'll have fresh legs on Saturday morning. The training goal this week is to go all out in my swim time trial on Thursday morning.

April 27, 2008

BIKE - Well, I learned a very important lesson tonight. Do not eat a box of Hot Tamales before getting on the bike. I made it 35 min. before the nausea stopped me from riding. I did keep my average HR at 140 and burned 478 calories.

Foundation ride (1 h. 30 m.) steady ride at moderate aerobic intensity

April 28, 2008

SWIM - I was so sleepy this morning that it took me awhile to get going. It's the allergies that are making me feel so groggy and I'm definitely ready for them to be gone. The swim went well and I worked on my TI drills, which of course drew alot of stares. I finished the swim in 43:13, which wasn't fast, but I wasn't hurrying during my drills. The sprints felt great and I think my base intervals were all around 1:50, so I think I might be seeing some improvements. I was also able to spend my warm-up and cooldown working on breathing on both sides. I just have to remember to turn with my hips!

Warm-up (300 yds), Drill set (8x25 yds), Base intervals (7x100 yds), Sprint intervals (10x25 yds), Kick set (8x25 yds), Cooldown (300 yds) - Total 1950 yds

BIKE - I know this workout was on the schedule for tomorrow, but the weather is kinda yucky and I really didn't want to run outside in the cold, so I flip flopped my workouts. I actually enjoyed my trainer ride today. For the hill intervals, I put my bike in the highest gear, and stood up and pedaled hard. It was seriously tough. I actually considered putting some books under the riser, but thought that might be a bit unsafe. I rode for 1:15, my average HR was 138, and I burned 1002 calories. My max HR was 164.

Short Hill Climbs 10 x 1 m. (1 h. 15 m.) - 1 min. hill climbs at VO2 max/speed intensity with 2 min. active recoveries; warm-up and cool down long enough to reach total time

April 29, 2008

SWIM - I got to the pool on time this morning and had a pretty good workout. The intervals were tough today, but I took my time on my drills and kick set. I'm really liking the drills I learned at tri-camp. I finished the workout in 44:44. Oh, and sneezing while you're swimming...interesting experience. I actually sneezed about 20 times this morning, sometimes while swimming, sometimes during rest breaks.

Warm-up (300 yds), Drill set (6x50 yds), Fartlek intervals (6x150 yds) 50 build, 25 descend, Kick set (8x25 yds), Cooldown (300 yds) - Total 2000 yds

April 30, 2008

BRICK - The brick workout went really well this morning. I had no trouble on the bike and managed to keep my average HR at 140 for the entire ride. I listened to my ipod and definitely absorbed some energy from the music. I transitioned 1:06, which meant I slipped off my cycling shoes, slipped on my new running shoes, through on my long sleeve shirt, and literally ran out the door. I ended up running 20:33 and ran farther than I did my last brick, so I guess I was running faster. I felt like my stride was shorter, but apparently it worked. My average HR on the run was 161. For the entire workout, I burned 1259 calories and I remembered to drink my recovery drink after the workout.

Bike 1 h. 5 m. - Run 20 m. - Bike ride followed by immediate run, both at moderate aerobic intensity

RUN - Well, I was feeling good and looking forward to the speed workout, but this afternoon, I've been having some sciatic type pain, which is pretty annoying. I'm not super concerned, but I do not need to start down this road, so I'm going to skip this workout, and work on stretching instead.

Speed intervals 12x30 s. (50 m.) - 30 s. intervals run at speed intensity with 2 m. active recoveries; warm-up and cooldown long enough to reach total time

May 1, 2008

SWIM - I was psyched up for this workout and looking forward to seeing how fast I could go. However, once again, I felt like I was swimming in mud and I had a really hard time staying focused on counting my laps. I think that I got all of my yardage in, but my times seem mighty fast, so I'm guessing I may have missed some. I did my warm-up in 7:01, my time trial in 28:23 (which seems WAY fast), and my cooldown in 7:16. I'm looking forward to resting until the race on Saturday morning.

Warm-up (350 yds), Time trial (1650 yds), Cooldown (350 yds) - Total 2350 yds.

May 2, 2008

REST - I'm really glad that today is a rest day. I slept until I woke up this morning with no alarm. Of course, I still woke up around 5:30am, but I dozed for awhile. I think I'm all packed for Indy and ready to go. Now, if I can just find someway to control the weather... I really don't want to run in severe thunderstorms tomorrow morning.

May 3, 2008

RUN - Indy Mini 1/2 Marathon - Indianapolis, IN


See You at the Finish Line said...

Send some of that "mud" you've been swimming through over to the 4-Seasons pool. If you are swimming through mud and getting times like that, I must be swimming through concrete that is hardening. :)