29 April 2008

Never Quit on Your Music

Over the weekend, I watched the movie "August Rush" and have been pondering a few of the thoughts and lines in the film. At the beginning, the main character (August) talks about hearing the music all around us, in every part of our life. When I thought about this concept, I was reminded of the statement "marching to the beat of your own drum." I've been thinking about the music that I hear in my own head.

Now, most of you who know me, know that I'm not musically talented or inclined, but I do enjoy music. I sing loudly in my car and I sometimes sing along with my ipod, but only in my head. I don't hear music in the same way that a musician might, but I do know and listen to the music of my life. The music of my life includes interactions with my family, the fun times I have with Simon and Sassy, all of my races, the music that I associate with training, the sounds of the wind and weather, the voices of my students, and the other experiences of life. All of these things make up my music. I think that everyone's music is completely individual and unique to them, and while I really don't have a song or tune to attribute my music to, I do know it when I hear it.

Another line in the movie says, "Never quit on your music." This really struck me because I think that often it's easy to give up on things in life when things get difficult. Sometimes, life is just plain awful and it really does take everything we have inside of us to get out of bed and go through the motions. I think that during the hard times is when we find it easy to forget about or quit on the music of our lives. Perhaps, the challenges we face provide more depth to our music, so that when we overcome them, our music is more beautiful and meaningful. I think it's important to remember our music and to use it to strengthen us, to remind us of the joys of life, to push us through when we're struggling, and to help us savor the victories and celebrations.

Never quit on your music. Never quit on the things in life that truly bring you joy. Remind yourself of the music of your life, even if it doesn't sound like a song to anyone but you. This music is part of what makes us individuals and allows us to become who we're striving to become. When we look back at our lives, this symphony will remind us of who we are and how we came to be. Never quit on your music and remember to use it to push you forward.