03 January 2012

The Biggest Loser: Hansen Edition

Before Christmas, Tim and I were over at my Mom and Dad's house with my brother Eric and my sister-in-law Karen.  We were sitting around talking and my Mom asked us if we would be interested in doing a Biggest Loser challenge.  My Dad said he even had a prize.

Tim and I talked about it and decided we were in.  We would both like to lose some poundage and thought this might be a fun way to do it.  Then, we found out the prize.

My Dad is giving the winning couple 2 free airline ticket vouchers.  I don't remember how much they're worth, but 2 free airline tickets.  We're definitely in!

Yesterday was the initial weigh in.  We all (except for Tim because he's been sick) met at Eric and Karen's house and weighed in. Tim and I were the "smallest" couple...not my much.  We will weigh in again in 2 weeks on January 14.  Then, we will continue to weigh in every 2 weeks.  The couple who loses the highest percentage of weight wins the airline tickets. 

Here's hoping it's us because we could really use a vacation.  I will say this though...I would rather just lose the weight, regardless of whether we win or not.  I'm ready to get moving on this challenge!


Stacey said...

Can I join haha!! Best of luck and go kick some butt!