16 May 2011

A Busy Couple of Weeks

So, we're halfway through May and I haven't had a second to blog about life. Here's what's been going on...

-Spring is here. With spring has come some I should clarify that flooding in UT is much different than flooding in the midwest.

This waterfall is NEVER there, so it's definitely flooding.

- We've been going to lots of Rylan's soccer games. I always forget my camera, so no pictures. It's been a discouraging season because his team hasn't scored ANY goals. I think Ry will be glad when it's over.

- We're still working on the cruiser. Tim has all of the pictures of that, but I think we're getting closer to being done. There are still several tasks, like building the mounting brackets for the ARB compressor, putting the carpet back in the rear, mounting the new bumper, and putting on the roof rack. I'm hopeful it will be done soon, but we'll see.

- I've been learning to crochet and have actually made 3 pair of baby booties. My new nephew will be getting some camo booties when he arrives in July.

- My friend and the best massage therapist in the world got married on Friday.

If that dress looks familiar, it's because she bought it from me. Yep, that's the dress I was married in. She made some changes and the dress looked absolutely gorgeous on her.

- The tulips are out!

- I'm doing the Little Red Riding Hood Century ride in a couple of weeks and the Ragnar Relay a couple of weeks after that, so I've been running with Kona and even took Oscar out for a spin this weekend. I'm hoping to get out and ride a bunch more in the next few weeks. This morning before my run, Kona and I saw two sandhill cranes "dancing" in the field next to our house. Of course, my camera didn't get any "dancing" shots, but I did get a not great picture of the cranes.

We also saw a couple of deer laying in a field while we were running. See if you can see them in this picture!

So, that's what I've been up to for the past couple of weeks. Things are going to get pretty busy here, pretty soon. Tim and I were looking at the calendar and we have something planned every weekend until the middle of July. Yep, life is truly good!